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November 29, 2021

Virpax Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ:VRPX) has received some excellent news: Last year, a substantial number of insiders bought shares.

It is usually not a big concern when a single insider buys stock. When a large number of insiders buy shares, like Virpax Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ:VRPX) did, it’s excellent news for shareholders.

Although we do not believe that shareholders should merely follow insider activities, logic demands that you should be aware of whether insiders are buying or selling stock.

Insider Transactions at Virpax Pharmaceuticals in the Last 12 Months

Chairman and CEO Anthony Mack purchased US$100,000 worth of shares at a price of US$3.99 per share in the previous twelve months, making it the largest single purchase by an insider. Despite the fact that the acquisition was done at a far lower price than the current price (US$4.45), we believe insider purchasing is a positive. It doesn’t tell us anything about whether insiders would find today’s pricing appealing because it happened at a lower value.

Insiders at Virpax Pharmaceuticals acquired but did not sell shares in the previous year. Below is a graphic representation of insider transactions (by firms and people) during the last year. Simply click on the graph below to see who sold, how much they sold for, and when they sold.

Insiders at Virpax Pharmaceuticals have recently purchased stock.

Virpax Pharmaceuticals has witnessed a lot of insider purchasing in the recent three months. Two insiders paid a total of US$116k for shares in the firm, but none of them sold. This leads one to believe that the company has some redeeming qualities.

Virpax Pharmaceuticals is owned by insiders.

To assist influence my assessment of how aligned they are with insiders, I prefer to look at how many shares insiders own in a firm. We prefer to see a large percentage of insider ownership. Insiders at Virpax Pharmaceuticals hold 1.7 percent of the firm, valued at roughly $890,000. Insiders may have an indirect interest in the firm through a private company or other organisational structure, though. We believe this to be a rather modest level of insider ownership.

What Can We Learn From Virpax Pharmaceuticals’ Insider Transactions?

The latest insider acquisitions are obviously encouraging. A review of the previous year’s transactions also provides us confidence. On the other side, the firm lost money last year, so we’re a little wary. The only modest negative we can find in our research is the relatively low (total) insider ownership; their transactions signal that they are bullish on Virpax Pharmaceuticals shares. It’s useful to understand the dangers that Virpax Pharmaceuticals faces in addition to learning about insider transactions. Please be informed that Virpax Pharmaceuticals has three danger indicators in our investment research, one of which we don’t like…

Insiders are those who submit their transactions to the appropriate regulatory agency for the purposes of this article. Open market and private dispositions are currently accounted for, but derivative transactions are not.

Simply Wall St’s article is of a broad nature. We only use an unbiased technique to give analysis based on historical data and analyst estimates, and our articles are not intended to be financial advice. It is not an advice to buy or sell any stock, and it does not take into consideration your goals or financial circumstances. Our goal is to provide you with long-term, focused analysis based on basic facts. Please keep in mind that our research may not take into account recent price-sensitive corporate announcements or qualitative data. Simply put, none of the stocks listed are owned by Wall Street. is the source for this information.

September 13, 2021

Virpax Stock Forecast: Virpax Stock Soars on Initial Public Offering

After exciting news for investors and prospective stockholders, Virpax Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ:VRPX) jumped substantially just after the opening bell on Monday.

Virpax Pharmaceuticals has filed a registration statement for a public offering of 3.4 million shares of ordinary stock.

Virpax expected net proceeds of $46.2 million based on an assumed price of $14.70–the latest reported price for its shares when it filed the prospectus for the offering—or $53.2 million if the underwriters exercise an option to acquire up to 510,204 more shares in whole.

The funds will be used for product development, including clinical and research and development, as well as to repay $1.3 million in outstanding promissory notes and $1.1 million in deferred remuneration owing to the CEO, according to the business.

Non-opioid, non-addictive analgesic delivery technologies are Virpax’s unique worldwide rights. Candidates in the company’s pipeline are eligible for both an expedited regulatory pathway and an over-the-counter market.

VRPX shares, according to a number of stock analysts, appear to be desirable at present prices.

VRPX shares plummeted by 84 cents, or 7.2 percent, to $10.76. is the source for this information.

August 18, 2021

Is Virpax (VRPX) Stock a Good Buy Now That the FDA Has Reacted?

You’re not alone if you’re wondering why Virpax Pharmaceuticals (VRPX) stock is rising and how high it may go. Many investors are talking about VRPX stock right now, and they’re curious about its price prognosis after it soared 265 percent to a new all-time high on Aug. 17.
Virpax stock rose more than 65 percent in premarket trading on Aug. 18, reaching a high of more than $25. Virpax focuses on the development of antiviral and pain-relieving medications. In February 2021, the firm went public.

Why is the stock of Virpax (VRPX) rising, and how high can it go?

The shares of Virpax jumped when the business received a positive FDA response to its antiviral medication candidate, MMS019. The candidate is being researched as a possible COVID-19 and flu therapy.
MMS019 has showed promising results in animal experiments, and Virpax is preparing for clinical trials. It has enlisted the services of contract research firm Syneos Health to develop a clinical trial for MMS019.

What is the outlook for VRPX stock now that the FDA has responded?

VRPX stock has a good probability of doubling in the near future. Many coronavirus stocks that investors flocked to at the start of the epidemic now have a high valuation and are no longer appealing as vaccines allow people to resume their normal lives. As a result, investors are on the lookout for fresh COVID-19 investment prospects.

Even with vaccinations, COVID-19 is projected to remain a worldwide health issue. As a result, firms that develop treatments to prevent the spread of coronavirus should continue to find great demand, and Virpax’s antiviral drug candidate should have a bright future.

Is VRPX a decent stock to buy?

If MMS019 performs well in studies, Virpax intends to apply to the FDA for non-prescription clearance. According to Virpax CEO Anthony Mack, an opportunity has arisen for the business to meet with the FDA to outline MMS019’s development strategy and get FDA direction on clinical studies. is the source of this information.

17 August, 2021

VRPX Stock: 6 Things Virpax Pharma Investors Should Know as Shares Soar More Than 250%

On Tuesday, Virpax Pharma (NASDAQ:VRPX) shares soared after receiving a written response from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) about its MMS019 anti-viral barrier medicine.

Here’s what VRPX stock investors should know about today’s news.

  • The FDA’s answer is for Virpax Pharma’s pre-investigational new medication and allows the business to submit a New Drug Application (NDA) for MMS019.
  • This would allow it to be utilised as a once-daily intranasal medication to guard against “SARS-CoV-2 and influenza virus replication inhibition in animals.”
  • Virpax Pharma is contemplating submitting its NDA to the Office of Non-Prescription Drugs, according to a news statement.
  • It’s also collaborating with Syneos Health on clinical studies with the best possible timetable.
  • VRPX stock is experiencing a lot of action as a result of this news, with 118 million shares changing hands as of this writing.
  • When compared to the company’s daily typical trading volume of around 2.3 million shares, this is a significant increase.

The news that sent VRPX stock up today, according to Anthony Mack, chairman and CEO of Virpax Pharma.

“We are very pleased with the response from the FDA. We believe that the initial pathway to move forward with the development of MMS019 has been clarified. As our development program proceeds, we will define the strategy for our drug-device combination product candidate, MMS019, for use in an over-the-counter setting as we look to support a consumer-friendly OTC indication.”

As of Tuesday afternoon, VRPX was up 280.7 percent. is the source of this information.

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