Stock Market Reports & Statements – That Will Help You Analyze Post Investment

The stock market fluctuates in every blink of an eye. Yeah! That sounds a little crazy but let me tell you, it rises and falls depending on the market. Even if you have invested a sum to a stock of the respective company you gotta watch the rise and fall nature of it regularly. This watching is made easier with reports and statements. The investment reports and statements are analyzed in different ways.

Let us know different reports you should analyze after you have invested in the stock market:

  • Holding And Portfolio Report

Investors invest their money in different investment products as hosts that may be stocks, mutual funds, ULIPs, Exchange Traded Funds(ETFs), and so on. Such investments in the portfolio are termed holdings. This holdings and portfolio report help you to identify and take stock of all the investments. This report now gives a glance at how profitable your investments are going constantly. 

  • Tax Reports

The major goal behind investing is to earn wealth for a luxurious or comforting future. But that is not the case always, risk and luck games come here. Even if you are into investing at the end of the year you might face loss. This tax report allows you to have a brief about the profit or a loss, you bagged this year. This also allows you to have an estimation and the kind of taxes you have to pay at the end of the investing year. This information altogether helps you figure out the amount you gained during market profit and the amount you have to pay as a tax for the same.  

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With this knowledge, you can invest in the future and be efficient in filing taxes. 

  • Contracts Notes And Statements

A contract note is a kind of certificate which confirms the terms of a sale of security legally between two people. It is a kind of legal note for your transaction while you invest in any stock market. This works as a receipt of the investment or trading you have done on any stock on the given day. This makes the Chartered Accountant(CA) work easier for calculation amounts while filing taxes. 

  • Ledger Report 

Irrespective of the stock you have bought the company provides a facility to observe your transactions and balance details. The same information is kept in the account ledger. They also allow you to know how much cash you have maintained with the broker. These reports are important as they help you have a clear record of how the funds have been utilized in a given period of time. 

  • Transaction Statements

If you are a frequent and regular investor who does not have a track of stocks they have been dealing with day today. They might need a transaction statement to deal with the process. Also if the investor is dealing many stocks in a single day they require data put up in one place for the same. This is because a transaction statement is required. You can have a report and details of all the translations in one place which makes it easier to grab attention. Even you can download the statements and use them for later use. 


It is always advised that all the investments in the portfolio work together in order to have profitable financial goals. This helps you to get a brief of your financial statement of all investments at once. Based on this learning, investors can make a further investment that makes the portfolio profitable. 

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Some important Frequently Asked Questions

Are holdings and shares the same?

Holdings of any stocks or mutual funds are the various stocks, bonds, and securities held within a fund. When an investor buys shares in a mutual fund, your shares are allocated proportionally to various securities held by the fund.

Does holding any stock increase the chances of its value?

In most cases, the stock market gives a profitable outcome for a long period of time but sometimes it becomes a little different scenario due to various factors. 

Name four different sections in the general ledger?

The general ledger is divided into four sections: the chart of accounts, financial transactions, account balances, and accounting period. 

Are contract notes necessary?

SEBI is authorized to send contracts digitally encrypted for the trading members for them to be considered valid. 

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