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10 January 2022

As XRP enters consolidation, Ripple investors face difficult market circumstances.

Since Christmas, Ripple (XRP) has been in a downward trend, which has investors concerned at the start of 2022. The sell-off has created a firm downtrend, emphasised by the red falling trend line, and supported by the crossing of the 55-day Simple Moving Average (SMA) below the 200-day SMA. The sell-off was spurred by concerns about increasing interest rates in the United States (SMA).. Bulls, on the other hand, may be able to turn the tables in the next days as they push higher (green trendline) and up against the red ascending trend line. A breakout and rebound to $0.78 might be seen if market risk sentiment shifts to risk-on.

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Once market sentiment shifts back to risk on, XRP will begin to rebound.

A massive sell-off has battered the XRP price, pushing the stars out of favour of any upward reaction. The slump since Christmas, as indicated by the red declining trend line, has the most weight. The 55-day SMA crossing below the 200-day SMA is known as a death cross, and it will keep major investors out of the trade due to how negative it is.

However, a floor looks to be emerging as the lows gradually grind higher, creating a floor from January 5, and daring bulls now have some incentives to begin entering at an extended position. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is lingering around oversold territory but is beginning to flatten, indicating that bulls have a nice window of opportunity to join as more short-sellers will resist from entering the market at this time, as any potential profits will be limited. Expect a positive pick-up in purchasing activity for XRP if global markets begin to shake off their present turbulence, which may help it break above the red ascending trend line and advance towards the first objective of $0.78.

Once it reaches $0.78, the XPR price is anticipated to boost buying volume even more, pushing higher to the monthly pivot at $0.84. If markets rebound and have a few days of gains in a row, a continuation might be on the cards. Expect a break of the green ascending trend line to drive price further to the downside in search of any support, which may not come until $0.62 or perhaps $0.58 with the green longer-term supportive level and the S1 monthly support level, since all of this is dependent on global market mood. is the source for this information.

05 December, 2021

Price Prediction for Ripple XRP in 2022

According to crypto researcher Michaal van de Poppe, Ripple (XRP) is one of the oldest coins in the crypto market with the most ridiculous stories flying around. He expects XRP will have a significant run, similar to what it had in 2017.

XRP isn’t only interested in being a payment system; it’s developing its own smart contract with the objective of enabling side chains and NFTs. He adds he’s eager to see the conclusion of the Ripple-SEC dispute, which is currently ongoing.

He goes on to say that he believes the case will be resolved quickly, and that if it is, the market will begin to rise again. However, there is a chance that it will not.

The SEC action against Ripple stemmed from price manipulation and insider trading on Ripple’s part, according to Michal. He claims that XRP produced many billionaires during its first major run in 2013, and then again between 2014 and 2015. But, other from social media brawls, criticism, pessimism, and toxicity, it hasn’t done anything since 2017.

According to Michal’s analysis of Ripple’s price behaviour, the XRP market has been correcting for the past four years and is once again on the verge of a breakout. He goes on to say that if a bull circle forms, any plausible aim for XRP to increase in the market will send the price up to $2.87 and $4.33.

With that stated, despite XRP’s current bearish stance during the last several days, some traders believe a bull will emerge shortly. XRP is up 6.83 percent and 0.8317 percent in the previous 24 hours as of press time. is the source for this information.

18 December 2021

XRP Price Prediction: Ripple bulldozes barriers and looks to the future $1.00

The cross-border remittances token has risen approaching the confluence of the 200-day SMA with the long-standing inverse head-and-shoulders neckline at $0.775. The renewed dedication has increased the chances of a successful breakout and a rush to the psychologically significant $1.00 mark in the future.

In the process of bottoming out, the XRP price has one more step to go.

XRP price has swiftly passed many levels of resistance during its bounce from an oversold situation on the daily Relative Strength Index, contrary to early expectations (RSI). The first layer was the May falling trend line, which was followed by the important May 23 low of $0.652, which served as a point of resistance in mid-July and was bolstered by weekly highs around the same price in February and December 2020. Finally, yesterday, Ripple finished above the 50-day SMA at $0.680, marking the largest daily gain since June 23.

The intensity of the XRP surge has resulted in a weekly gain of about 18%, the biggest weekly return since the end of April, and comes after a successful challenge of the 50-week SMA last week. Furthermore, Ripple is presently flat for the month of July after falling 27% at its low on July 20.

With a daily close above $0.733, the inverted head-and-shoulders pattern must be triggered, followed by a closure above the confluence of the 200-day SMA with the neckline of the inverse head-and-shoulders pattern at $0.775. If successful, the price of XRP is free to test $1.00 and the 38.2 percent Fibonacci retracement of the April-June decline at $1.06, which corresponds to some price congestion in late May and early June. Ripple has made a 38 percent return on its investment from $0.775 to the Fibonacci retracement level.

They become support for any XRP price downturn after many levels of resistance have been broken. The 50-day SMA at $0.675 is significant, but the essential line in the sand is the $0.652 low from May 23. If that level is breached, additional losses are expected all the way down to the May falling trend line’s intersection with the 78.6 percent retracement level of the rally that began in December 2020, which is $0.555.

The 38 percent rise in the eight days leading up to yesterday outpaced past corrective bounces, signalling a shift in XRP price behaviour. Ripple is still up against strong opposition, but it has built up enough momentum to break through at $0.775 and rocket the international settlements token to $1.00 in the near future. is the source for this information.

23 December 2021

After Breaking Under the $0.90 Mark, Will Ripple’s XRP Test Support?

Will Ripple’s XRP Find Support After Breaking Through the $0.90 Level?

After failing to create enough momentum to take on the critical $1 barrier, Ripple’s XRP has dropped below $0.90, indicating a lack of fundamental drivers for additional positive price movement in the final week of 2021. XRP/USD is currently trading at about $0.884 at the time of writing.

The seventh largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization has managed to post minor increases over the last week, recovering the $0.90 level after many sessions of lethargic advances beneath it. The bad market mood is one of the key causes putting the XRP under pressure, but it has subsequently recovered slightly when leader Bitcoin surged back above the $50,000 barrier.

While some analysts projected a strong bull run in the crypto market before the end of the year, the market’s top currency, BTC, actually fell, dragging practically the whole market down with it. Even Ethereum has been unable to break through the $4,000 barrier, showing a cautious investor sentiment that has kept Ripple’s XRP from seeing any volatility recently.

Ripple’s XRP has several fundamentals that give it hope.

On a more optimistic side, many experts forecast a surge in Ripple’s XRP in 2022, since the litigation is expected to go against the SEC and in favour of Ripple. If Ripple wins the lawsuit, crypto analysts predict a surge far into the double digits for the company’s cryptocurrency, especially given the widespread use of its technology by mainstream financial institutions across the world for allowing fast cross-border payments and transactions.

The XRP Foundation partnered with and hosted the Apex Developer Summit last week, an event that promoted dialogue among developers from across the world working on Ripple’s blockchain, the XRP Ledger. Ripple’s CTO David Schwartz spoke at the event on the concept of Federated Sidechains, a feature that can encourage the development of DeFi, NFTs, CBDCs, and other applications on the network.

Technical Analysis of XRP/USD

Almost all moving averages, as well as the major technical indicators MACD and momentum, show a negative bias in technical analysis of the H4 price chart. For the time being, only the 100 SMA indicates that there is some purchasing activity in the market.


Ripple’s XRP is currently trading below the pivot point at $0.92, while immediate support around $0.82 is holding strong for the time being. We must pay great attention to this level since it may be tested if bearish pressure continues to grow. is the source for this information.

31 December 2021

In 2022, Ripple is expected to continue its upward path, with investors eager to break out of the pennant.

Ripple (XRP) is obeying both upside and downside bounds, as the price action is in a weekly pennant, with a red descending triangle on the topside dating back to May and an ascending green trend line on the bottomside dating back to December 2020. Although the XRP price movement appears to be more negative, the green rising trend line has been held with great respect on multiple occasions. Expect a probable brush with the rising trend line in the opening weeks of 2022, which will serve as the catalyst for a bull run that may propel XRP back to $1.36.

In 2022, XRP is on the eve of a bull run.

With several attempts on the green ascending trend line that has been creating the uptrend support throughout 2021, XRP price is showing signals of a more negative trend. The declining Simple Moving Averages (SMA) are putting a bit of a cap to additional upward potential each time a test showed a firm bounce off that trend line. Despite the fact that this appears to be bearish, bulls are patiently buying into the market action as the Relative Strength Index maintains a modest trend around 50 and has not dived below the oversold level this year.

XRP investors will have taken advantage of this week’s test and retest on the green rising trend line to purchase XRP coins before the surge begins in early 2022. With more investors adding cryptocurrencies to their portfolios, there will be more position-taking, resulting in a strong bullish reaction, with XRP breaking above the 55-day SMA and retesting the red declining trend line at $1.0. Expect markets to interpret a break over $1.36 as a break of any downforces, resulting in an accelerated rise towards $1.36, retaining 65 percent of gains.

If significant headwinds emerge at the start of 2022, such as geopolitical tensions escalating into a possible conflict between Russia and the US over Ukraine if the January negotiations fail, anticipate a large shift into safe havens, with bitcoin positions being the first to be cut short. In such situation, the green rising trend line would be broken and the first base would be $0.60. Even a $0.30 would not be implausible in the event of really dramatic escalation of hostilities with global markets on the back foot. is the source for this information.

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