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Rent an apartment for months

The rental market is in trouble. Those who intend to rent an apartment in a circumstantial way, either for study or work, are not on a simpler path than those who are looking for a rental for their habitual residence. In this mtmis article, the team will tell you everything you need to know before looking to rent a flat on a temporary basis. If you have to move around the country and settle in another city for a while, we recommend you not to miss it.

Two types of temporary contracts

The future Housing Law provides for a series of substantial changes, which promise to alter the current and current Urban Leasing Law. But for this we will have to wait until the middle or end of 2024 at least, until the project is finally approved. Meanwhile, the regulations imposed by the current Law must be strictly respected.

Said regulation divides the rental contracts in urban properties into two specific categories and with important differences between them.

  1. Housing leases.

  2. Leases for use other than housing.

Housing leases

This type of rental contract, from its very definition, refers to housing units whose objective will be directed exclusively to the flats for regular use by their tenants. In this sense, the articles and rules that make up these types of contracts are aimed at protecting the tenant. It places special emphasis on your rights and obligations, and is the most common type of contract, used by agencies or private landlords on a permanent basis.

Leases for use other than housing

Leases for use other than housing, on the other hand, address all other types of existing rentals, throughout the territory. If you are looking to rent an apartment on a temporary basis, you should know that these contracts are the ones that govern your objective, and not the others.

In these leases of different use, all the rentals that are not of units for habitual use housing enter. That is to say: floors for commercial use, offices, shops, warehouses, garages, and of course, homes for vacation, student or temporary use.

Leases for use other than housing (1)

What is the difference between one type of contract and the other?

Well, in the case of conventional rental contracts, their guidelines and conditions are fully established by law; while in the case of leases for use other than housing, said regulations can be agreed directly between the parties.

Thus, the tenant when signing it will demonstrate absolute agreement regarding times, forms of payment, etc. proposed by the landlord. Said conformity and provisions must be complied with by owners and tenants and their lack or breach could be subject to legal action on the part of one or the other.

What are we talking about if we talk about “seasonal rental”?

You have in mind to rent an apartment on a temporary basis. Well, to start your search, it is convenient that you know precisely what we mean by “seasonal rental”.

It is about any lease of an asset that is not rented with the purpose of becoming the permanent home of its tenant, but (as its concept indicates) with the goal of providing its stay in a limited time and less than what is generally they impose standard contracts (on average, two years). In this way, we conclude that the demand for temporary rental contracts is usually driven by vacation, study or work reasons.

Extension and extension of a temporary rental contract

As a curiosity, and always according to the Urban Leasing Law, this contract (whose initial duration is usually stipulated in the average of about three months) can be extended and renewed indefinitely. At nova city housing society a seasonal rental can then be extended for up to three years or more. Therefore, it is taken for granted that the most important thing is not the duration of the contract, but the use that will be given to it.

This utility must be expressly announced in advance by the tenant or required by the owner; and it may not be used in any other sense than the one agreed upon. In this way, if the contract indicates that an apartment, warehouse or real estate that it was will be destined for commercial use, under no circumstances may it be used as a dwelling place. If any anomaly outside the scope of the contract is detected by the landlord, it may terminate it, requesting the tenant to leave immediately.

Extension and extension of a temporary rental contract 1 Stock Market Updates

Temporary rental contract modalities

There are many modalities that can be included in a temporary contract. Depending on your needs as a tenant, it is convenient to agree or propose such utility with the owner. It will be enough that both agree so that the contract can be made. Among many of them, let’s see just a few:

  • Regional displacement for reasons of study (despite the existence of specialized student rental agencies, you will be able to find a number of private owners who rent their flats, near the student centers for this purpose).

  • Temporary accommodation during vacation periods (this can be given for the weekend, week, fortnight or monthly in high tourist seasons of winter or summer and for purely leisure or rest reasons).

  • Temporary displacement for work reasons (taken advantage of by those who find causes of relocation and circumstantial residence in tourist seasons).

Tenant protection

It is common that these types of contracts do not have the clauses that expressly protect the rights of the tenants. This occurs because, as it is a “second, non-habitual home”, it is understood that the tenant previously has a permanent home in whose contract we will find the articles that protect it before the law.

Remember that renting a flat on a temporary basis is a real estate action taken in jurisprudence as a momentary exception; and that the relevance of these contracts only fulfill the functions of an agreement agreed between the parties.

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