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December 07, 2021

Prospect Capital (PSEC) Is a Fantastic ‘Buy the Bottom’ Stock Right Now

Prospect Capital (PSECprice )’s trend has been negative recently, with the stock losing 5.9% in the last two weeks. The creation of a hammer chart pattern in the company’s most recent trading session, on the other hand, suggests that the stock may be on the verge of a trend reversal, as bulls may have acquired considerable influence over the price to assist it find support.

The creation of a hammer pattern is seen as a technical indicator that the market is approaching a bottom, with selling pressure likely to subside. However, this isn’t the only reason that supports the stock’s positive argument. On the fundamental side, Wall Street analysts’ strong agreement to raise profit expectations for this business development firm increases its chances of reversing the trend.

In candlestick charting, this is one of the most common price patterns. A short candle body is formed by a little difference between the opening and closing prices, whereas a larger gap between the day’s low and the open or close generates a long lower wick (or vertical line). The candle resembles a hammer because the bottom wick is at least twice the length of the true body.

In basic terms, during a downtrend, when bears have complete control, a stock frequently begins lower and closes lower than the previous day’s closing. The stock strikes a new bottom on the day the hammer pattern is created, maintaining the downtrend. However, after ultimately finding support below the day’s low, some buying activity arises, propelling the stock upward and bringing the session to a conclusion near or slightly above its opening price.

This pattern indicates that the bears may have lost control of the price when it appears near the bottom of a downtrend. Bulls’ achievement in keeping the price from dropping further suggests a possible trend reversal.

Hammer candles can appear on any period — one minute, daily, weekly, or monthly — and are used by both short-term and long-term traders.

The hammer chart pattern, like any other technical indicator, has its limits. Because the power of a hammer is determined by where it is placed on the chart, it should always be utilised in tandem with other bullish indications.

What Increases the Chances of a PSEC Turnaround?

On the fundamental side, the upward trend in earnings estimate revisions that PSEC has been seeing recently may surely be regarded an optimistic indication. Because empirical research reveals that changes in earnings estimate revisions are closely connected with short-term stock price fluctuations, this is the case.

Over the last 30 days, the consensus EPS forecast for the current year has risen 6.9%. This indicates that the majority of Wall Street analysts tracking PSEC feel that the firm has the ability to post higher earnings than previously forecasted.

If that isn’t enough, PSEC presently has a Zacks Rate #2 (Buy), indicating that it is currently ranked in the top 20% of over 4,000 companies we rank based on earnings estimate revisions and EPS surprises. Stocks with a Zacks Rank of 1 or 2 outperform the market on average. You can see what I mean.

Furthermore, the Zacks Rank has shown to be a reliable timing indicator, assisting investors in determining when a company’s prospects are improving. A Zacks Rank of 2 is a more compelling fundamental signal of a probable turnaround for Prospect Capital’s shares. is a source of this information

November 22, 2021

Prospect Capital Corporation (PSEC) is set to go ex-dividend soon.

Prospect Capital Corporation (Symbol: PSEC) will trade ex-dividend on 11/24/21, for its monthly dividend of $0.06, payable on 12/23/21, according to the universe of companies we track at Dividend Channel. This dividend comes out to around 0.67 percent of PSEC’s latest stock price of $8.99, so when PSEC shares open for trading on November 24th, all other things being equal, expect shares of Prospect Capital Corporation to trade 0.67 percent lower.

Dividends are not always predictable, but looking at the history above can help determine whether PSEC’s most recent payout is likely to continue, and whether the present predicted annual yield of 8.01 percent is a fair expectation of annual yield moving forward. The chart below depicts PSEC’s one-year performance in comparison to its 200-day moving average:

According to the chart above, PSEC’s 52-week low point is $5.29 a share, with a 52-week high point of $9.25 — this compares to a recent trade of $8.97.

Prospect Capital Corporation is part of our monthly dividend paying stock coverage universe. Prospect Capital Corporation shares are now up roughly 0.2 percent on the day in Monday trade.

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November 17th, 2021

Prospect Capital (PSEC) is a Great Momentum Stock to Buy: Here’s Why

The principle behind momentum investing is to follow a stock’s recent trend, which might be in either direction. Investors will effectively be “buying high, but intending to sell much higher” in the ‘long’ context. Taking advantage of price trends in a company is critical for investors using this approach; once a stock establishes a route, it is more than likely to stay on that path. The idea is for a stock to follow a set route, which will result in timely and lucrative trades.

While many investors seek out stock momentum, this can be difficult to quantify. There is a lot of discussion over which measures should be prioritised and which are poor predictors of future success. The Zacks Momentum Style Score, which is part of the Zacks Style Scores, assists us in addressing this problem.

We’ll examine at Prospect Capital (PSEC), which has a Momentum Style Score of B right now. We also go through some of the Momentum Style Score’s primary factors, such as price changes and earnings forecast revisions.

It’s also worth noting that Style Scores may be used in conjunction with the Zacks Rank, our stock ranking methodology with a proven track record of outperformance. Prospect Capital has a Zacks Rank of #2 right now (Buy). Stocks with Zacks Rank #1 (Strong Buy) and #2 (Buy) and Style Scores of A or B outperform the market during a one-month period, according to our research.

Are you ready to outperform the market?

Let’s take a look at some of the components of PSEC’s Momentum Style Score to see why this business development firm has the potential to be a great momentum selection.

Looking at a stock’s short-term price activity is an excellent way to gauge its momentum, since it may reveal both current interest and whether buyers or sellers now have the upper hand. Comparing a security to its sector may also be beneficial, since it can assist investors in identifying the best firms in a certain field.

PSEC has gained 6.35 percent in the last week, while the Zacks Financial – Investment Management industry has remained unchanged. Shares are also looking well over a longer time horizon, with a monthly price change of 7.75 percent that compares favourably to the industry’s 3.63 percent.

While every stock can gain in value, only a true winner can continuously outperform the market. As a result, looking at longer-term pricing data, such as performance over the previous three months or year, might be beneficial. Prospect Capital’s stock has risen 8.94 percent in the last quarter and 71.48 percent in the last year. The S&P 500 has only moved 5.31 percent and 31.11 percent, respectively, in comparison.

PSEC’s average 20-day trading volume is also worth noting for investors. The 20-day average offers a decent price-to-volume baseline; a rising stock with above-average volume is normally bullish, whereas a decreasing stock with above-average volume is typically bearish. For the previous 20 days, PSEC has averaged 1,686,055 shares.

Earnings Prospects

In addition to price fluctuations, the Zacks Momentum Style Score considers patterns in estimate revisions. Please keep in mind that estimate revision patterns are still at the heart of the Zacks Rank. We’ve lately seen how a decent path here may assist demonstrate potential, as we’ve seen with PSEC.

For the whole year, only one earnings forecast has gone higher in the last two months, while none has moved down. PSEC’s consensus estimate increased from $0.72 to $0.77 in the last 60 days as a result of these adjustments. In the coming fiscal year, one estimate has been revised upwards, while no downward adjustments have been made in the same time frame. is a source of this information

October 28th, 2021

PSEC Put Options That Are Intriguing For May 2022

New options for the May 2022 expiry began trading this week for investors in Prospect Capital Corporation (Symbol: PSEC). The time value is one of the key data points that goes into the price an option buyer is willing to pay, so the newly trading contracts with 204 days until expiration represent a potential opportunity for sellers of puts or calls to achieve a higher premium than would be available for contracts with a closer expiration. Our YieldBoost model has combed through the PSEC options chain for the new May 2022 contracts and highlighted the following put contract as being very interesting.

The current bid on the put contract at the $8.00 strike price is 45 cents. If an investor sells-to-open that put option, they are agreeing to buy the stock at $8.00 plus the premium, bringing the cost basis of the shares to $7.55. (before broker commissions). To an investor already interested in PSEC shares, it may be a more appealing option than paying $8.26 per share now.

Because the $8.00 strike indicates a 3% discount to the stock’s current trading price (i.e. it is out-of-the-money by that proportion), the put contract might expire worthless. According to current analytical data (including greeks and inferred greeks), the chances of that happening are now 53 percent. Stock Options Channel will watch those chances over time to observe how they change, and will post a chart of those figures on our website under the contract’s description page. If the option expires worthless, the premium represents a 5.62 percent return on the cash investment, or 10.06 percent annually – we call this the YieldBoost at Stock Options Channel.

The chart below shows Prospect Capital Corporation’s trailing twelve-month trading history, with the $8.00 strike highlighted in green in relation to that history:

In the put contract example above, the implied volatility is 28%.

Meanwhile, we estimate that the real trailing twelve-month volatility is 24 percent (based on the past 252 trading day closing prices and today’s price of $8.26). is a source of this information

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