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If done correctly, smartphone apps may be a great tool for financial service providers to deliver services to their clients. We looked at six of the most popular smartphone applications in India to see what design aspects are required to properly realise the promise of combining a financial service with a smartphone interface.

We picked India because an unprecedented number of individuals there are using cellphones to access financial services for the first time. That initial impression is vital, and it should not be lost due to bad user interface design. The goal of this research is to show how little changes may have a big impact, and it builds on our previous work on smartphone design principles for mobile money. We want to start a larger debate about the potential that excellent design opens for financial services through cellphones, in addition to practical design proposals.


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Trade Smart Online offer best stock brokerage services to fit your financial objectives Your single destination to entire range of stock market solutions.
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  • The company provides 2 brokerage plans which can suit every trading strategy.
  • They provide flexibility to switch over from one brokerage plan to another, depending upon their strategy.
  • Transaction charges (turnover charges, clearing charges, etc) are one of the lowest in the industry.
  • No account opening charges.
  • Provides Margin against Shares (MAS)
  • They charge extra additionally for Call & Trade.
  • Intraday positions (MIS, CO & BO), if squared off by the RMS team, is charged extra.
  • Doesn't provide portfolio management services, tips or research reports.
  • One cannot apply for an IPO.
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