Palantir Technologies Inc Stock Price Target Forecast, (PLTR) Prediction 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030

January 10, 2022.

This year, Palantir Technologies Inc. (PLTR) has lost -9.06 percent of its value. Is it still possible to make a purchase?

The current consensus target price for PLTR shares is $21.83 per share, based on rigorous and fact-based analysis by Wall Street analysts. Market professionals normally carefully examine target prices and stock performance, and the current Wall Street consensus on PLTR stock is a recommendation of 3.40. On a scale of 1 to 5, this rating signifies a strong Buy recommendation, with 5 indicating a strong sell, 4 indicating a sell, 3 indicating a hold, and 2 indicating a buy.

With their prior recommendation on November 16, 2021, Credit Suisse has issued an estimate for Palantir Technologies Inc. shares, retaining their stance on the stock as Neutral. RBC Capital Mkts decreased their target price from $25 to $19, although these analysts reaffirmed their earlier rating. On November 10, 2021, a new price target note was published, marking the official price objective for Palantir Technologies Inc. shares. The target price had previously been raised to $25, with Deutsche Bank analysts maintaining a Hold recommendation on PLTR shares. Analysts raised their price objective for PLTR shares from 20 to 25 on August 13, 2021.

Palantir Technologies Inc.’s Average True Range (ATR) is 0.96, and the Price to Sales ratio for PLTR stock in the previous 12 months was 23.44. For the most recent quarter, the Price to Book ratio was 14.53, while the Price to Cash per share was 1.23. PLTR’s Price to Free Cash Flow for the previous twelve months was 159.28, with a Quick ratio of 4.10 in the most recent quarter.

Analysis of the PLTR Stock Performance:

Palantir Technologies Inc. (PLTR) entered the red zone at the conclusion of last week, sliding into a downward trend and losing -9.06 percent of its value. With this current performance, PLTR shares have declined -16.45 percent in the last four weeks, -27.84 percent in the last six months, and -34.29 percent in the last year of trade.

Overbought and oversold stocks may be easily identified using the Relative Strength Index (RSI), with a score of 70 indicating overbought situations and a score of 30 indicating oversold conditions. An RSI of 50 indicates that the market is moving in a neutral direction. The current RSI for Palantir Technologies Inc. [PLTR] is set at 30.53 for the previous two weeks, with the RSI for the latest single day of trading at 26.71, and the three-weeks RSI at 32.97. For this company, the current Moving Average for the previous 50 days of trading is 20.82, while it was 17.39 for the last single week and 23.04 for the last 200 days. is the source of this information.

December 30, 2021

Is it a good time to buy PLTR stock now that Palantir is trading around seven-month lows?

Palantir Technologies (PLTR), a recent IPO, dropped 9% on Nov. 9 after announcing mixed third-quarter results before the market opened. It’s currently nearing seven-month lows.

The software company’s profits surpassed Wall Street expectations, but sales exceeded expectations. Palantir also gained more clients than planned, but its shares dropped as government revenue growth fell short of expectations.

Palantir stock was downgraded to underperform by RBC Capital analyst Rishi Jaluria following the revelation. “Government remains the strongest portion of Palantir’s business to us,” Jaluria said in a report. “While we expected a downturn, the growth rate was practically cut in half from Q2 to Q3,” he said.

Palantir software is used by government agencies for intelligence collecting, counterterrorism, and military objectives, which is the company’s main growth engine. By expanding into the health care, energy, and industrial sectors, the Denver-based startup hopes to boost its commercial client base.

Palantir is also foraying into the digital bitcoin sector, having recently published new tools for this purpose.

On the Q3 results call, Chief Operating Officer Shyam Sankar commented, “We are really thrilled about Foundry (software) for crypto.” “We believe we’ll be a huge catalyst for crypto startups,” he says.

He said, ” “We’ll provide them with genuine AML (anti-money laundering) tools so they can compete head-to-head with the established businesses. We’ll take care of (regulatory) compliance so they may concentrate on disruption. They are, of course, welcome to pay us in cryptocurrency.”

Fundamental Analysis of the PLTR Stock

Palantir has a 29 Composite Rating according to IBD Stock Checkup. This unique score allows investors to quickly assess a stock’s main growth characteristics. Palantir is part of a 120-company corporate software consortium that includes DocuSign (DOCU), (CRM), Shopify (SHOP), and Zoom Video (ZOOM) (ZM).

A 61 Earnings Per Share Rating, which is included in the total composite score, is likewise below average. However, Palantir is anticipated to be profitable this year, after earning 9 cents per share last year. Analysts estimate EPS of 15 cents this year, with a 40% increase to 21 cents the following year.

The firm posted Q3 adjusted earnings of 4 cents per share on revenue of $392 million on Nov. 9, before the opening bell. Analysts predicted EPS of 4 cents on $385 million in sales.

The government’s revenue increased by 34% to $218 million from the previous year, although it fell short of expectations by $235.9 million. Commercial sales increased by 37% to $174 million, above expectations of $148.6 million.

Palantir said it gained 34 net new clients in the third quarter, up from 20 in the second. It had 203 clients at the end of the third quarter, exceeding expectations of 180.

Palantir expects sales of $418 million for the current quarter, which ends in December. According to FactSet, this is more than experts’ expectations of $402 million in sales.

Technical Analysis of the PLTR Stock

PLTR stock is down roughly 60% from its January 27 high. However, it’s still up more than 150 percent since Palantir issued a direct listing on Sept. 30, 2020, at a price of 7.25 per share.

Companies generate new shares, underwrite them, and sell them to the public in a standard IPO. With no underwriters involved, a direct listing produces no new shares and sells only existing, outstanding shares.

Palantir shares developed a four-week IPO base in late November, which it cleared. The stock developed an eight-week consolidation after a 191 percent run from the 11.52 buy price. Before shares began to drop back, a following breakthrough produced a 34 percent gain from the 33.60 opening.

The Relative Strength Rating of Palantir has dropped to 16, putting it in the bottom 84 percent of all companies. The relative strength line, which compares a stock’s performance to that of the S&P 500, is also falling.

Its E Accumulation/Distribution Rating indicates that mutual funds are net selling more than purchasing.

Palantir stock was owned by 699 mutual funds as of September 30, up from 556 in June. Vanguard Growth Index Investor (VIGRX), Rydex Technology Fund (RYTIX), and American Beacon ARK Transformational Innovation Fund all received an A+ from IBD (ADNPX). is the source of this information.

November 23, 2021

PLTR is heading for $17.06 after breaking through July support, according to Palantir stock news and forecast.

Palantir (PLTR) rose 0.9 percent in premarket trading but fell 1.2 percent to $20.41 at the opening bell in New York on Tuesday. This lowers the price of PLTR below its July 19 low of $20.55, indicating that the big data leader is headed for further losses.

Downgrades and valuation keep Palantir (PLTR) in the box.

Palantir’s stock has not recovered from a significant sell-off that began on November 9 after the company reported strong third-quarter profits. Despite Palantir reported a 36 percent year-over-year revenue increase and a 101 percent year-over-year increase in US commercial income, Wall Street was concerned about the slowing growth in government contracts. In the second quarter, government income climbed at a pace of 66 percent, but in the third quarter, it decreased to 34 percent.

Citigroup’s $18 price target and sell rating were maintained. Morgan Stanley’s Underweight rating was reiterated. The price objective of Wole Research has been lowered from $25 to $20.

Palantir’s management increased its full-year adjusted free cash flow expectation by around $100 million to “in excess of $400 million,” but the stock’s prospects have not improved.

Palantir hasn’t had much else to do this month. In light of predicted central bank tapering and future interest rate rises, there have been few if any press releases, and the broader market has begun to devalue hot tech stocks. When extraordinarily high revenue growth slows down, the market tends to focus more on valuation indicators, which are still elevated for Palantir. For example, PLTR has a price-to-sales ratio of 29, but Zoom (ZM), another popular company during the epidemic, is presently valued at around 18x.

Palantir Stock Prediction: By the end of the year, PLTR is expected to hit a 52-week low.

PLTR’s low of $20.55 on July 19 has stayed unchanged till Monday. On Monday and Tuesday, PLTR only trended slightly below this level, but when a four-month barrier is breached, it usually means additional losses are on the way. However, a significant bounce off of $20.18 occurred on March 5.

FXStreet believes that the best time to purchase is at $17.06, which is the low from May 11. It is unlikely to stay in that area for long. We expect it will bounce off this location, just like it did in the first half of the year. Major investors continue to be optimistic about this company, and the May 11 level will be seen by everybody.

Traders should take note that the Relative Strength Index (RSI) is already in oversold territory at 29, a level that has traditionally given the stock a fast bounce. PLTR stock, on the other hand, seems aimless this month, and the possibility of tech stocks continuing to rationalise their values ahead of the new year suggests that the pessimism will persist. is the source for this information.

September 27, 2021

Stock Price and Forecast for Palantir Technologies (PLTR): Is this a dip or a double-top formation?

Palantir’s stock fell on Friday after a significant surge on Thursday. You may argue that this isn’t surprising, but the stock underperformed on a day when equities markets continued their small advance that began mid-week. Palantir, on the other hand, did not participate and ended the day at $28.56, down 0.7 percent. The stock remained high on retail traders’ watchlists on Friday, thanks to a recent sell by Cathie Wood of ARK Invest. ARK has been a consistent buyer of Palantir stock in recent months, and was back in the market after the company’s most recent results announcement.

With free cash flow estimates tripling, it was a fairly solid earnings report, so it’s no wonder that ARK jumped in to buy more. However, this latest sale attracted the attention of the retail world because it was one of ARK’s first sales in a long time. The sums are not insignificant. According to Benzinga, ARK sold 1.84 million shares for roughly $53 million on Thursday. However, this must be viewed in the perspective of ARK’s entire Palantir stock holdings, which total over 35 million shares. This might simply be a portfolio tweak rather than a complete shift in position philosophy.

Insider transactions in Palantir have lately added to the attention-getting. This is a characteristic of the stock, as it is with many tech-related IPOs, which have a pre-determined selling strategy depending on stock performance.

Stock projection for Palantir

The significant move on Thursday was the big one. Friday was really a consolidation pullback. The chart stays optimistic as long as $27.49 holds. So far, everything has gone well. The only minor concern is the possibility of a double-top formation as a result of Thursday’s powerful advance. Breaking $29.29 will clean things up, allowing for a move to $31.34 to close the February earnings gap. That’s the initial objective.

Bullish above $27.49, neutral between $27.49 and $23.49, bearish below. is the source for this information.

September 09, 2021

Palantir Technologies Stock Price and Forecast: Is PLTR poised to burst through $27.49?

Palantir is preparing to extend its current positive gains and go higher. The target’s main obstacle is the June high of $27.49. After a set of extremely solid results on August 12, the stock initially broke higher. The earnings per share (EPS) and revenue data above Wall Street expectations, but the future outlook was the real show-stopper. Palantir’s free cash flow projection has been increased from $150 million to $300 million. The firm also did well in the post-earnings conference call, impressing investors with the number of new customers, high customer revenue, and sustained growth in attracting both public and private sector consumers.

Palantir’s stock rose 11 percent as a result, breaking out of the trend channel it had been stuck in. Following that, the move consolidated, which is what we prefer to see following a significant advance. When the stock received some unfavourable news, the bullishness grew even stronger. Palantir rebutted an article in the New York Post concerning a software flaw. After earnings, the stock was whacked, but it did not go below the breakthrough level. Rather, many people, including ARK Invest, bought the dip and increased their holdings. As a result, the breakout level was double bullishly defended, and the unfavourable news did not have a significant negative impact on the stock price. This price action created a continuation flag pattern, which PLTR appears to have broken out of now.

Stock projection for Palantir

We obtained the continuing flag formation, and it appears that TSLA has now broken free. The stock of PLTR has to continue to rise and break through $27.49. This will entice more momentum buyers to the stock, accelerating the upward trend. Breaking $27.49 will also result in a sharp drop in volume, implying that more gains are likely and easier to maintain. The next logical objective is the $31.34 gap, which was generated following the February results.

The Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) has broken out of its long-term downtrend, and the Relative Strength Index (RSI) is rising in lockstep with the price. Our take on the stock is bullish over $26, neutral between $26 and $23.49, and bearish below. Please utilise stops and risk management as usual. is the source for this information.

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