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January 6, 2022.

Is It Worth Investing In Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK) At Its Current Price?

Wall Street analysts’ consensus price objective is $7.03, implying a 13.09 percent gain in the stock’s present value. The forecast’s extremes result in target low and high prices of $6.07 and $8.00, respectively. As a consequence, NOK is currently trading at a -30.93 percent discount to the target high and a 0.65 percent discount to the target low.

Estimates and predictions for Nokia Corporation (NOK)

In comparison to the industry in which it works, statistics reveal that Nokia Corporation has outperformed its competitors in terms of share price. Nokia Corporation (NOK) shares have risen 13.49 percent in the previous six months, with a year-to-date growth rate of 33.33 percent vs 11.70 percent for the industry. Analysts, on the other hand, are raising their growth forecasts for fiscal year 2022. This quarter’s revenue is expected to decline -29.40 percent, followed by a reduction of -14.30 percent the following quarter. Revenue will climb 3.30 percent over the previous financial year, according to the rating companies’ predictions.

According to six analysts, revenue for the current quarter will be $7.5 billion (s). Meanwhile, revenue is expected to climb to $5.98 billion by the end of March 2022, according to a consensus of four analysts. Sales for the corresponding quarters totalled $7.83 billion and $5.83 billion, respectively, according to the earnings report from the previous fiscal year’s results. In this situation, experts predict a -4.30 percent drop in current-quarter sales, followed by a 2.60 percent increase in the next quarter.

According to a review of the company’s performance during the last five years, earnings have decreased by an estimated 28.40 percent. While profits are expected to return 24.10 percent in 2022, they are expected to return 17.85 percent over the next five years. is the source of this information.

December 21, 2021

Nokia Lands a 5G Deal with Elisa Estonia; Street Recommends Buying

Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK), a telecommunications behemoth, has announced that it has been chosen as the only provider of 5G RAN by Elisa Estonia. Nokia’s 5G RAN rollout will begin in early 2022, following the conclusion of Estonia’s spectrum auction.

Targeted Price

Morgan Stanley analyst Dominik Olszewski commenced coverage on the stock yesterday with a Buy rating and a $7.50 price target, implying a 26.9% upside potential from present levels.

Based on three Buys and one Hold, the consensus among experts is a Strong Buy. The average Nokia stock price forecast of $7.23 represents a 22.3 percent increase from current levels. Over the last year, the stock has risen by around 51.5 percent. is the source for this information.

December 13, 2021

Nokia’s Stock Has a Lot of Room for Growth

Nokia has a Moderate Buy consensus recommendation on Wall Street, based on two Buys and one Hold awarded in the last three months. Nokia’s average price objective of $7.14 suggests a potential upside of 19.4 percent.

Nokia has a well-diversified business strategy and is well-positioned in a high-growth, high-innovation market. Furthermore, Wall Street analysts are optimistic on the company, assigning it a price target that predicts significant upside in the next year. Furthermore, the stock appears to be properly valued when compared to its historical average multiple. is the source for this information.

December 8, 2021

Nokia Corporation’s Stock Performance and Forecast

Wall Street analysts’ consensus price objective for the company is $7.01, implying a 15.83 percent gain over its current market value for bulls. NOK’s anticipated low is $5.91, with a $8.00 target high, according to analyst predictions. The stock would have to drop -35.59 percent from its present position to reach the anticipated high, while it would have to rise -0.17% to reach the expected low.

Estimates and predictions for Nokia Corporation (NOK)

The Nokia Corporation stock is performing far better than most of its counterparts in the same industry, according to data. According to the numbers, the company’s stock has increased by 7.47 percent in the last six months, representing a 33.33 percent annual growth rate that is much greater than the industry average of 16.00 percent. Furthermore, analysts have raised revenue predictions for fiscal year 2021, indicating that stronger expectations are expected. The rating agencies expect that Nokia Corporation’s sales will increase 16.70 percent in the current quarter, but will decline by -29.40 percent in the next quarter. Year-over-year growth is expected to be 6.00 percent higher than the previous fiscal year.

According to six financial experts’ consensus projections, the company’s sales in the current quarter will average $6.5 billion. Nokia Corporation’s sales for the quarter ending December 2021 is expected to be $7.45 billion, according to 6 analysts. The company’s sales in the previous quarters was $6.28 billion and $7.83 billion, respectively. Experts expect the company’s current quarter revenues to increase by 3.50 percent, according to analysts. Sales growth is expected to be -4.80% in the coming quarter, according to forecasts. is the source of this information.

30 October, 2021

Analysts predict that Nokia’s stock will rise 25% after earnings.

Nokia’s stock has an optimistic outlook, according to experts. According to 8 analyst evaluations, the consensus price objective for the stock is $7.22 per share, which represents a 25% upside potential at the time of writing. NOK has a moderate buy rating, with 5 experts recommending the stock as a buy and 3 recommending it as a hold.

Andreas Schneider, a Kepler Capital analyst, repeated his buy rating on Nokia shares a few days ago. The analyst predicts a $6.96 share price objective, implying a 20 percent increase over the next 12 months.

Christian Schwab, a Craig-Hallum analyst, is even more upbeat. He has a buy rating and a $8 price target, implying a 38 percent gain. According to him, the firm should profit from its fixed network strengths as well as strong demand. He expects mobile networks and cloud services to increase in lockstep.

Didier Scemama of Bank of America is wary, but believes there is still room for growth. With a neutral rating and a $6.91 target share price, the analyst just begun covering on Nokia stock. Even in this instance, there’s a chance of a 19 percent gain. is the source of this information.

September 30, 2021

The stock of Nokia is under pressure due to the company’s improving outlook.

Investors had modest expectations for Nokia when its stock soared up to a closing high of $6.55 in late January. The stock was clearly being boosted by the meme stock fever that had swept many other stocks.

Those advantages, like the drop after a sugar high, did not persist. This was due to the fact that the underlying firm was not producing enough income to justify a stock price of more than $6 per share. The current run-up in NOK shares, on the other hand, is attributable to rising revenue.

This suggests that the company’s recent rise may be sustainable. Currently, the analytic community thinks this to be the case. The consensus price objective is now $7.32, representing a 35% increase over the stock’s current price.

In the stock of Norway, a pattern is forming.

Nokia’s sales increased year over year (YOY) for the fourth consecutive quarter. The YOY earnings increase in the first two quarters of 2021 has been even more promising for investors. The firm is benefiting from better margins, which has pushed NOK stock out of the neutral zone. The analyst community has taken notice, and the stock now has a consensus price objective of $7.32 per share. is the source for this information.

September 09, 2021

Given its performance and prospects, Nokia is worth more than $7.50.

In my last article, I valued NOK stock using a 4% FCF yield. This indicates that I divided the forecasted FCF by 4% to arrive at the desired market value. However, in order to be even more careful, I’ve opted to utilise a higher rate of 5%. As you may know, dividing a number by a larger number yields a smaller number. It’s because of this that it’s more conservative.

As a consequence, multiplying $2.179 billion in predicted FCF by 5% yields a target market value of $43.58 billion. According to Yahoo! Finance, this is 28.8% greater than Nokia’s current market value of $33.832 billion (which I think typically has the most accurate market cap calculations).

In other words, NOK stock might be worth $7.59 a share, or 28.8 percent more than its closing price of $5.89 on September 8. Nokia’s midpoint sales prediction, an 11 percent operating margin, FCF forecasts $710 million below operating profit, and a 5% FCF yield all contribute to this estimate.

Issues with the Norwegian Stock Exchange (NOK)

My target price is higher than that of Wall Street experts. According to TipRanks, 13 analysts have a target price of $7.01, which is 19% higher than the current price.

This is very comparable to what Seeking Alpha proposes. According to their poll of 12 experts, the average price objective is $7.20.

I’d also want to point out that most analysts’ price forecasts have risen significantly since I last wrote about Nokia. As a result, unlike the prior time, I don’t need to employ a probability model to compare my price estimate with probabilities and other analysts’ targets.

In fact, I believe we may begin to consider sales and operating margin predictions for 2022. However, I’d want to wait until the company’s Q3 results are out before confirming that the company’s earnings expectation is steady. is the source for this information.

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