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How to invest in Cryptocurrency in India | How to make Money with Cryptocurrency 

How to invest in Cryptocurrency in India Stock Market Updates
Cryptocurrency is digital Payment Currency which only exists Electronically . Cryptocurrency doesn’t require banks to verify transactions . When you buy some Cryptocurrency, it gets stored in a Digital Wallet . Cryptocurrency got this name because it use high encryptions to verify transactions .Cryptocurrency does not exist in Physical form it only exist in Digital Form.

How To Make Money With Cryptocurrency 

You can make money with Cryptocurrency. You need to Buy Cryptocurrency and if your Cryptocurrency price increases then You will earn Profit according to Percentage of raise of price of Cryptocurrency . I personally made 25% earning the previous month on my Cryptocurrency investment .There are many ways to buy Cryptocurrency in India . There are some websites and apps which you can use to buy Cryptocurrency in India . Top websites to buy and Sell Cryptocurrency in India are WazirX , ZebPay , Coinbase , Guarda Wallet , BuyU Coin.

How To Invest In Cryptocurrency In India | How To Buy Bitcoin In India.

Most Famous website to buy Cryptocurrency in India is WazirX . You can sign up from this link to get a 50% discount on your trading fees forever . You need to Sign Up your account and verify your KYC and Add your banking details to complete your transactions to start Trading . All the Steps Required to Complete Registration are given below 

  1. Open Link from WazirX registration and enjoy a 50% discount on your trading fees of 1 % .
  2. Enter Your Phone number , Email and Complete Registration .
  3. Enter Your documents ( Aadhar , Pan ) For KYC verification .
  4. Enter your Banking / UPI details for Selling and Buying .
  5. Then You can buy any Coin like Bitcoin , Ethereum , DogeCoin and more .
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Which Cryptocurrency Is Best To Invest Now | How To Buy Dogecoin In India.buy dogecoin in india Stock Market Updates

You need to check the prices of coins before investing in bitcoin. Most websites show how a coin is performing as compared to the last 24 hours . The best time to invest in Cryptocurrency is when coins are in – as compared to the last 24 hours , then there are chances that Price of coins will increase and you will earn money . The Top Performing Coin Currently now is :

  • Ethereum 
  • Bitcoin
  • Dogecoin

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How to buy Ethereum in India WazirX

How to buy Ethereum in India WazirX Stock Market Updates

Ethereum and Bitcoin Price is already up as compared to previous month , The peoples who have invested in Ethereum a month before are Enjoying 40% profit on their Investment this time and bitcoin also increased 25 % as compared to last month . But Dogecoin is at about 30% minus now as compared to last month . Dogecoins is the best coin to invest money now , its price is likely to go up , Dogecoin is also known as Elon Musk Cryptocurrency , Whenever Elon Musk Tweets in favor of Cryptocurrency or Dogecoin its price increases about 15 – 20 % .I also earned about 30 %  from Dogecoin 10 days ago , its price increased after Elon Musk Tweet and I benefited from that. He tweeted repeatedly for 2 weeks and the Dogecoin price increased  about 30 % . If you face any problem you can ask in the comments .

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