How To Find Top Best Stocks To Buy & Invest ?

How To Pick The Perfect Shares To Buy?

Picking the right stock to buy is not a rocket-science or very troublesome work. One can follow easy steps to choose the right one easily. 

One should know the stock they are investing in is undervalued and has a high potential to grow in near future. This is termed as the key to investing rightly. There are two fundamental analyses for stock analysis discussed further:

Fundamental Analysis

Such analysis involves root verification and research of a share to know whether it has the potential to bloom in the stock market in the future. This is termed fundamental analysis. 

This analysis figures out undervalued stocks (stocks whose market price is below their intrinsic value). 

Intrinsic value is the estimation of a stock’s price based on what analysis you have done of the company’s profit potential. 

This profit analysis of any company is done by a thorough examination of the company’s financial, operation, internal marketing, business, and work environment. 

Market value pricing of stocks keeps track of the company’s growth potential which should be the same as the stock intrinsic value more or less. 

As discussed above, the fundamental analysis of the stock is one whose market price is under intrinsic value. They are undervalued because their market price doesn’t necessarily determine the company’s revenue potential. The race to achieve and reach the intrinsic value makes then stock best and promising to buy in the eye of investors.

Let us take an example:

Let us suppose a stock of some company is calculated to have Rs. 1000 as its intrinsic value. It is right now trading for Rs. 800. Now you know that the price of stock is below the intrinsic value you estimated hence termed as undervalued. This stock now upscaling to 25% becomes the best stock to invest in. You can buy it with a price range of Rs. 1000.

How To Do A Fundamental Analysis Of Stocks?

  • Understanding the company like how the company is performing, its overall revenue, and history of finance. Dig in to know how the management and operations are done. 
  • Analyze the financial balance sheet of the selected company in which you are seeking to invest in. You can estimate its CAGR, sales, and net profit for the overall 5 years.
  • Check one of the most important factors – debt. It is necessary to have a look at it as the company won’t return your profit if they already have a huge debt ongoing.
  • List down the competitors of the company you choose. Know the business models USP and how flexible and flourishing it can be in the market. 
  • Fundamental analysis is done for those investments that are planned to give outcomes for the future of 15-20 years.
  • Never invest and not just leave it. Have a keen interest in their work and operations.

Technical Stock Analysis

The technical stock analysis helps in finding the best shares to invest in by analyzing the history price pattern. One can identify the pattern through technical indicators that are a set of quantitative and qualitative techniques. 

These Qualitative indicators help in finding “support” and “resistance” levels, which are invisible ceilings and floors of any stock market movements that are restricted. If the stock is beyond its invisible ceiling that is the support it is likely to not be appreciated. Now, this becomes the time to sell it. And when the stock does not fall below the invisible floor ( resistance) then we like to buy it. 

When you see the stock is in “upward” or in a “downward” trend you identify it through qualitative technique. By using moving averages and momentum indicators one can identify the trends. The upward trend is likely to be appreciated and one must buy such reflecting stocks. Once the stock is sliding towards a downward trend, it is advised to sell it so that you do not experience any losses. 

 How To Do A Technical Stock Analysis Of Stocks?

  • Take the stock market and reflection information wisely.
  • Prediction of price movements.
  • History of the movements of the stock.
  • Focusing on small period stock markets.
  • Charts, graphs, and downtrends to keep in mind. 
  • Using the moving average technique and support and resistance.

Ways To Combine Fundamental And Technical Analysis.

There are several ways to combine technical stock analysis to fundamental stock analysis by following ways denoted:

  1. Combining range-bound trading with fundamental analysis.
  2. Combing breakout trading with fundamental analysis.
  3. Use of oscillators with fundamental analysis.

Which Analysis Is Best For The Stock Market?

Most investors use quantitative analysis for analyzing the stocks of a particular company. While some investors use a single analysis method for analyzing in long term. One of the beneficial analyses is combing all fundamental, technical, and quantitative. 


As a newbie in the stock market, “How to buy profitable stocks”? Is the topmost concern of all. Fundamental and technical analysis is one of the top-proven techniques to approach as a starter for buying stocks. Although whichever technique you feel goes well with you, practicing and giving it time is necessary. 

Once you become the master, it is just easy as pie to invest and receive good revenue profits. Just be at a constant pace and enjoy the power of investing. 


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Shivangi Singh

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