Healthier Choices Management Corp Stock Price Target Forecast, (HCMC) Prediction 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030

December 02, 2021

HCMC Stock Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2025, and 2030 – HCMC Stock Forecast 2021

HCMC Stock Price Forecast 2021 and 2022 – Key Drivers

The majority of stock buyers concentrate on well-known stocks on Wall Street, such as those listed on the NASDAQ or the Dow Jones. Thousands of more equities trade in the ‘Over the Counter’ market, which may yield large profits. One of these equities is HCMC, which has received a lot of attention on social media in the last year.

Healthier Choices Management Corp is a holding company that owns a number of health and wellness-related companies. HCMC concentrates on nutritious meals and vaping goods, but it also sells vitamins and other health and beauty items. The corporation operates three food retail locations in Florida, as well as a large supermarket store.

In terms of vaping, HCMC is the owner of nine vape shops in the Southeast United States. HCMC, in particular, has patented its ‘Q-Cup’ technology, which is a novel way for individuals to vape on the move. Instead of directly delivering heat to the e-liquid concentration, the cup is heated from the outside, which is far more efficient than the present method.

This is important to remember since HCMC is now involved in a multibillion-dollar legal battle with Philip Morris, a Swiss-American cigarette giant with a market capitalization of $148.96 billion dollars. HCMC claims that the corporation infringed on their patent with their wildly successful IQOS devices. This case is one of the key reasons why HCMC is regarded as having enormous potential, since if Philip Morris is forced to settle, the sum would almost certainly be in the hundreds of millions of dollars, which would be wonderful news for the HCMC stock price.

HCMC Stock Price Prediction – Short-Term Prospects

If you want to invest in equities in the United Kingdom, you might adopt a short-term approach. In the case of HCMC, making a case for a short-term investment perspective may be difficult, given prices appear to be trending lower. The 52-week high for HCMC occurred in February 2021, when the price reached $0.065 – 1186 percent more than it is now.

This element might offer investors hope because the price has previously reached these levels, implying that it may do so again. Furthermore, as previously said, social media sites like as Reddit have given HCMC a lot of attention. The importance of these platforms cannot be overstated — just look at the Gamestop storey from earlier this year!

One plus for HCMC is that it submits its filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Many OTC companies do not submit their reports with outside firms, raising the possibility that the data in them are faked. Investors are more confidence in HCMC’s stock as a result of the company’s financial transparency, which is a good thing.

According to, HCMC’s revenue in Q2 2021 was $3.39 million, down $800,000 from Q1. Operating expenditures, on the other hand, fell by over $1 million, resulting in a $180,000 profit for HCMC. This is the first time the firm has made a profit, indicating that HCMC is progressing well.

The EPS number is non-existent because HCMC has recently made a little profit and has so many shares outstanding. Furthermore, there is no P/E ratio for HCMC, making comparisons to the industry as a whole impossible. Finally, because the firm has barely earned a profit and is not yet publicly traded, HCMC does not pay a dividend to stockholders at this time.

Long-Term Outlook for the HCMC Stock Price

Now let’s take a look at the company’s long-term prospects. Many of the finest investments in the United Kingdom are those who locate a stock with a low value but enormous potential and bet on the price growing tremendously. HCMC fits into this category because, despite its small size, the potential proceeds from the case might enable the firm explode onto the scene and drive the price up quickly.

If Philip Morris were to lose the case and settle with HCMC for a large quantity of money, HCMC may launch a share repurchase programme. This would remove a large number of shares from circulation, causing the price to skyrocket. For many HCMC stockholders, this is the ultimate desire, as if the price hits those stratospheric heights, many regular investors will certainly sell their shares.

Another factor working in HCMC’s favour at the moment is its excellent financial position. The firm has $29.37 million in cash reserves, which indicates that it is in good shape. With a steady cash flow, HCMC can easily fund its day-to-day operations without taking on debt. In the end, this makes the firm more appealing to investors in the long run.

The key is for HCMC to make good use of this money. HCMC CEO Jeffrey Holman recently stated that “a part of the revenues from our recent capital issue would be used to pursue our expansion goals.” Although the details aren’t clear, it shows that the CEO is thinking long term and wants to grow the company.

Overall, if you are more on the risk-seeking end of the spectrum, adding HCMC to your watchlist may be a decent option. Trading on the OTC markets is significantly riskier than trading on exchanges because of the volatility and lesser liquidity. As a result, fees are substantially greater. Buying HCMC common stock may be a smart decision if you are satisfied with these criteria and want to wager on whether the case will be resolved in HCMC’s favour. is the source of this informaton.

20 AUGUST 2021

After an 88 percent drop, the stock of Healthier Choices (HCMC) appears to be a good buy.

In 2021, investors in Healthier Choices Management (HCMC) will realise significant returns. Despite trading 88 percent below its 52-week high of $0.0065 in February 2021, the stock has risen 700 percent this year. Following this drop, investors are curious about HCMC’s stock outlook and if it is a smart purchase right now.

The stock of HCMC is rising.

Last year, HCMC filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Philip Morris. The IQOS gadget, according to the complaint, infringes on HCMC’s combustion-inducing electronic pipe. The charges have been refuted by Philip Morris, who claims that their IQOS gadget does not conduct combustion.

On July 23, the court hearing the matter dismissed HCMC’s claim. The judge did, however, give the firm 14 days to amend and resubmit the claim. On August 6, HCMC met the deadline and filed their updated claim. Investors at HCMC appear to be happy with the company’s ability to meet the deadline.

HCMC reported a new patent win in July as part of its ongoing effort to diversify its intellectual property portfolio. The business has been granted a patent for its ground-breaking vaping cartridge technology, which eliminates a potentially dangerous interaction between e-liquid, marijuana, or CBD oils and the heated metal component of the cartridge.

Stock price forecast for HCMC

WalletInvestor predicts that HCMC will reach $0.0016 in a year and $0.0051 in five years. These target prices imply a 100% and 538 percent gain over the current stock price, respectively.

How high may the stock of HCMC rise?

Depending on the outcome of the Philip Morris case, HCMC’s stock will rise. A settlement or licence agreement might propel HCMC shares to new heights, with no upper limit.

The stock of HCMC is a fantastic investment.

The stock of HCMC has a lot of upside potential, according to investors. Consumers are switching to healthier items as the firm continues to produce creative products. Any substantial patent court victory may result in a hefty payday for speculators in HCMC. is the source of this informaton.

09 August, 2021

What’s Going On With Healthier Choices Management Today? HCMC Stock: What’s Going On With Healthier Choices Management Today?

The stock of HCMC has risen as expectations for the lawsuit have improved.

Healthier Choices filed a patent infringement complaint against Philip Morris last year. This lawsuit claims that Philip Morris’ IQOS device infringes on Healthier Choices’ combustion electronic pipe patent. The assertions have been refuted by Philip Morris, who argues that their IQOS gadget does not accomplish combustion.

Of fact, any large victory in patent court may be a massive triumph for speculators in HCMC. In the end, circumstances like this are difficult to judge from the outside. However, a sequence of events implies that today’s investors are pricing in a higher chance of winning.

The court hearing the case denied Healthier Choice’s claim on July 23. The judge, on the other hand, ordered the corporation 14 days to revise the claim and resubmit it.

On August 2, Healthier Choices requested that the initial deadline be extended until August 20. On Aug. 5, Philip Morris filed a move to deny the request for an extension, citing share-price speculation as a major cause. The judge agreed, and the request was denied.

Healthier Choices, on the other hand, met the time for filing and filed its updated claim on Friday. A scientist was prepared by the corporation to testify about the combustion component in question.

As a result, today’s HCMC stock investors appear to be pleased that Healthier Choices was able to make the deadline. This isn’t done yet, and investors have cause to be optimistic that things will turn out well for them.

Of course, like with any penny stocks, these bets should be approached with prudence. Investors should keep in mind that these businesses are still quite volatile. In the case of HCMC stock, it is expected to have increased volatility in the near future. Investors should manage their investments properly. is the source of this informaton.

21 JULY 2021,

How to Trade HCMC Stock Before the Philip Morris Lawsuit Is Decided

On July 20, the shares of Healthier Choices Management (HCMC) increased by more than 12%. Since the beginning of 2021, the stock has increased by 800%. Many people are interested in learning more about the firm and the stock price projection for HCMC. Should you purchase HCMC stock now or wait for it to rise further?

Why is the stock of HCMC rising?

Healthier Choices announced a new patent win on July 19 as it continues to expand its intellectual property portfolio. The new patent covers a revolutionary vape cartridge technology. Healthier Choices said it was exploring producing vapes with its newly patented technology on its own or in collaboration with others. Investors hurried to buy additional HCMC shares, ecstatic about the invention and its commercial prospects.

Will the HCMC stock continue to rise?

Investors looking for inexpensive stocks to buy on the dip after the current sell-off may be to blame for the spike in Healthier Choices shares. Investors anticipate huge upside potential in the stock, which is now trading under $1, as the firm continues to innovate and customers transition to healthier goods.

Up-to-date information on the Philip Morris case

Healthier Choices vigorously defends its patents. It filed a patent infringement lawsuit against tobacco giant Philip Morris International (PM). The matter is still pending in court, and a decision is due any day now. Many investors believe that if the court finds in HCMC’s favour in the Philip Morris patent case, the stock would soar even more.

However, the patent battle between Healthier Choices and Philip Morris recently taken a new turn. Philip Morris is attempting to have the patent that Healthier Choices claims it infringes declared invalid. As a result, the anticipated court decision may not be the final word on the patent issue.

Is a reverse HCMC stock split in the works for Healthier Choices?

Healthier Choices launched a rights offering in April to acquire funds for developing and protecting its patents. The opportunity was taken by management to explain the subject of a reverse stock split. There are currently no plans for a reverse HCMC stock split, according to the company. If the board concludes that a reverse split is necessary, management announced that a proposal will be submitted to shareholders and their support would be sought. is the source of this informaton.

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