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DECEMBER 8, 2021

Sharekhan: Greenpanel Industries Share Price Target 2022; Buy For Rs 510

Sharekhan is bullish on Greenpanel Industries, recommending a buy rating on the company with a target price of Rs 510 in a research report dated December 07, 2021.

Residential launches and sales across India increased significantly in Q3CY2021, while inventories decreased sequentially. We anticipate that demand for MDF/Plywood will be driven by the residential sector in the future. With the brownfield expansion coming online in Q4FY2022, volumes for FY2023 will grow by 20-25 percent from present levels of full capacity utilisation. Due to a delay in the import of the component, the company’s Rudrapur business is experiencing difficulties in restarting operations, resulting in a loss of Rs. 4 crore in fixed overheads.


Given its high profits growth forecast and good values, we maintain our buy rating on Greenpanel Industries Ltd. at Rs. 510. is the source for this information.

6 December, 2021

Greenpanel Industries has extended the period for the MDF plant’s refiner to be repaired.

Greenpanel Industries Ltd. has advised that the projected time for repair of the Refiner, as previously stated, has been extended due to a delay in the import of a component from Sweden. The MDF mill in Rudrapur is planned to resume normal operations by December 16, 2021.

According to regulatory filings, the value of replacement parts is anticipated to be above Rs 2 crore, plus duty, tax, and service costs. The problem has already been reported to the insurance company. After restoring the component and determining the actual loss, an insurance claim will be filed with the insurance carrier.

The firm will suffer losses as a result of the plant’s shutdown, which can only be assessed after receiving the vendor’s engineer’s report.

After 14 days from the date of breakdown, the corporation has an insurance policy that covers loss of earnings. The firm stated on Monday that it expects to lose Rs 4 crore during this time due to fixed overheads that would not be covered by insurance.

GreenPanel Industries was trading 0.37 percent higher on the BSE at Rs 389.65 a piece at 1:32 p.m. is the source for this information.

12 November 2021

Greenpanel Industries would halt production at its Rudrapur factory for ten days.

GreenPanel Industries Limited has announced that, from November 11, 2021, production operations at the company’s MDF factory in Rudrapur, Uttarakhand, would be suspended for a period of 10 days (about).

The reason for the stoppage is that new technology (matte heating systems) was installed to speed up the manufacturing process and boost capacity utilisation.

According to regulatory filings, the above would cost an estimated Rs 8-10 crore (about), and as a consequence, the above plant’s output capacity will likely rise from 1,80,000 CBM to a revised 2,16,000 CBM (approx). per annum

In Friday morning trade, Greenpanel Industries was trading 0.34 percent higher at Rs 399.85 per piece on the Sensex. is the source for this information.

17 November 2021

Greenpanel is expanding its facilities to increase capacity, with a revenue target of Rs 1500 crore in FY22.

GreenPanel Industries is aiming a revenue of Rs 1,500 crore in FY12, according to Chief Financial Officer (CFO) V Venkataramani, who spoke to CNBC-TV18 on Wednesday.

His comments come after the corporation recorded its best-ever quarterly results for the three months ending September 30. Lower Aadhaar numbers also contributed to the year-on-year (YoY) figures.

“Last year, we generated Rs 1,000 crore in income.” As a result, we’re aiming for roughly Rs 1,500 crore this fiscal year,” Venkataramani added.

In terms of growth, he believes the market will be strong over the next two to three years. “Real estate is reviving after a 4-5-year slump, and it is the largest market for our products.” In terms of business, the medium future seems promising.

Venkataramani predicted that realisations would rise as a result of the firm’s October price raise, which was prompted by an increase in raw material costs. Meanwhile, export earnings continue to improve. “As a result, from the third quarter onwards, we anticipate see an improvement in both domestic and export realisations,” he added.

He stated that the corporation is modernising its facilities in order to enhance capacity. is the source of this information.

20 September 2021

Greenpanel Industries may explore raising prices in the plywood market in the coming quarter.

GreenPanel Industries’ CFO, V Venkataramani, said the business has not raised plywood prices in the current quarter but may examine it in the next.

Recovery has been observed across all areas, according to a JM Financial research. The unorganised or tiny businesses are most affected by cost pressure, which might lead to an increase in market share for the organised player.

Venkataramani was contacted by CNBC-TV18 to learn more about the movement in demand from the unorganised to the organised sector, as well as the spike in costs.

He also stated that they are raising prices to preserve margins as the cost of raw materials, particularly chemical resins, continues to climb.

Venkataramani said that the price increase helped them preserve profits, noting that the unorganised medium density fiberboard (MDF) industry is tiny yet fiercely competitive. However, the fulfilment has decreased as a result of invoicing procedures.

“We raised prices by around 4% in the first quarter and this quarter, and future price rises will be determined by the hike and raw material costs,” he added.

As a result, prices in the MDF vertical have risen by around 8% in the first half of the fiscal year, according to Venkataramani, who also mentioned that certain price corrections have been made in the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) segment, which would aid in the recovery. Receipts with a margin.

In terms of capacity utilisation, he estimates that MDF will be about 95% and plywood will be around 80% at the moment.

Exports grew to 31% in the fourth quarter of FY11, up from 13% in the previous quarter. “Receipts have grown in the current quarter and will increase in this quarter as well,” he stated when questioned about receipts for the export market.

He said that the firm had logistical challenges on the export side, which prevented them from reaching 100% capacity utilisation, but that this was a gift in disguise since it enabled them boost total profits.

Exports are expected to be approximately 25 to 30 percent of total MDF output for the quarter, according to Venkataramani, but might have been higher. The export margin has also improved significantly, increasing from 8% to 10%. is the source of this information.

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