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December 24, 2021

Ford Has Reinvented Itself As An Electric Vehicle Manufacturer

The carmaker announced 51 cents per share in earnings per share (EPS), nearly double the 27 cents per share predicted by experts. Revenues in the third quarter were $33.21 billion, slightly less than the $32.54 billion forecast. Ford also raised its full-year adjusted earnings outlook from $9 billion to $10 billion to $10.5 billion to $11.5 billion. Ford’s shares rose 9% in after-hours trading on the day after the earnings beat and upwardly revised forecast were released.

The company’s impressive results and prospects prompted a wave of analysts to raise their price estimates on F shares.

For example, Wells Fargo (NYSE:WFC) kept its “overweight” rating on Ford stock and boosted its price objective to $25 from $19. Similarly, Barclays (NYSE:BCS) kept its “overweight” rating on Ford stock and raised its price objective to $23 from $18. According to Wells Fargo, Ford’s global output is expected to increase by 9% in 2022 compared to 2021, with a 16 percent increase in North America next year. These analyst upgrades reflect the broad optimism around Ford and its near- to medium-term prospects. Ford’s stock presently has a consensus price objective of $20 per share. is the source for this information.

December 16, 2021

The Ford Motor Company’s Growth Revitalization (NYSE:F)

Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) has had a difficult few years, with revenue falling and management temporarily lowering payouts. Ford is now working to improve the business and re-discover growth opportunities in both electric and traditional automobiles. We’ll look at how the market and analysts see the firm because the stock’s performance is predicated on the future.

Ford reported projected revenues of US$33 billion in the most recent quarter, but the firm surprised with a profit of US$0.45 per share, a whopping 116 percent more than predicted.

When we dig further into the numbers, we can see that both free and operational cash flows are outperforming earnings. Because earnings tend to climb to the level of free cash flows, this can be a leading signal for a significant increase in future profits.

By examining experts’ most recent (mandatory) post-earnings estimates for the coming year, we can gain a complete picture.

Based on the recent statistics, Ford Motor’s 14 analysts predict revenue of US$145.3 billion in 2022, representing a 7.9% increase in sales over the previous year.

The expected increase in statutory earnings per share to US$1.82 is 153 percent.

Analysts had predicted revenues of US$144.8 billion and profits per share (EPS) of US$1.77 in 2022 before this earnings announcement.

The average price target for the company just increased 5.8% to US$19.66, implying that better earnings projections are reflected in the firm’s value. The stock is now trading above the target price of $20.58, indicating that investors are prepared to take a chance on the upside.

This isn’t the only conclusion we can get from the data, since some investors like to factor in analyst price targets’ spreads when analysing analyst price targets.

The most positive analyst values it at US$23 a share, while the most pessimistic analyst values it at US$12 per share.

When forecasting the future, it’s also a good idea to compare to industry benchmarks.

Ford Motor Company’s growth rate is predicted to pick up significantly, with sales expected to increase by 6.3 percent by the end of 2022.

Other firms in a comparable industry, on the other hand, are expected to expand their sales by 31% each year, according to our statistics.

This indicates that, while growth is growing, other firms on the market may be moving faster. is the source of this information.

December 14th, 2021

Ford (F) Stock Price and Forecast: Why is the stock of Ford (F) currently trading lower?

Stock outlook for Ford (F)

Is this a fake breakout or a retracement? That is the issue we must answer. Since the beginning of November, Ford has been trading in a sideways consolidation pattern. For all intents and purposes, Friday’s move upward looked like a breakthrough. We’ve reached the point of retracement. At $20.43, Ford’s shares closed right on support. However, in Tuesday’s premarket, there are already additional losses being reported (pardon the pun). The move on Friday then appears to be a test that sellers have responded to and are executing.

At $19, look for a move to the bottom of the flag range. If that level is breached, the price should quickly rise to $18. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) and Moving Average Convergence Divergence both show a definite bearish divergence (MACD). Despite Friday’s rise to new highs, the RSI remains in a decline. As a result of these divergences, we foresee additional losses. is the source for this information.

November 25, 2021

Ford Motor Company (F) Stock News and Forecast: Ford sees a breakout to $22 highs in the year 2000.

Ford and Rivian recently called off their intentions to collaborate on an electric car. Last Friday, Ford verified the news. There were no more information about the explanation given. Ford is scaling up manufacturing of its own electric vehicles (EVs) on a continual basis as consumers shift to EVs. President Biden’s green energy plan, which includes incentives for automobile makers to build more electric vehicles, has benefited auto stocks. Separate vehicle development may be less complicated for both firms. Both companies’ future vehicle ranges will include crossovers.

The recent rise in the Ford stock price from $16 to $20 was mostly due to the company’s October 27 results. While sales fell short of expectations ($35.7 billion vs $38.2 billion projected), profits per share (EPS) surpassed expectations by $0.51 versus $0.27. The full-year predictions for 2021 were also increased, and a dividend was resumed. After results, Ford’s stock jumped 9%.

Stock outlook for Ford (F)

The successful Rivian IPO then added to the significant post-earnings rally. Ford has lifted its stock to new 20-year highs beyond $20, and it now aims to consolidate its profit gains. The flag established as a result of the recent price standstill is a continuation of the present trend. Flag patterns, on the other hand, are almost always continuation patterns. The rise is simply taking a breather to allow for greater price acceptability at higher levels.

Because this is the bottom of the flagpole and the second price explosion point, we’d want to see $18 retained. $18 is a seven-year high, which is notable in and of itself. The earnings price explosion is the first and other critical support at $16.70. These are crucial supports for the bullish trend to continue. Breaking out of the consolidation or flag offers a year-end goal of $22.

The monthly chart below shows the overall situation. $22.72 is the all-time low, dating back to February and December of 2000 — more than two decades ago. That is the next level of resistance and the breakout goal for the flag. is the source of this information.

November 4, 2021

For the first time in more than two decades, Ford’s stock has surpassed $20 per share.

It’s not who you think it is, but there’s one automaker flaunting its stuff on Wall Street. Ford (F) has been putting up some unsightly year-to-date gains, with the stock rising 120 percent in 2021. Indeed, the stock has made such a comeback that it is now trading at a level last seen in 2011.

F stock has recently risen as a result of a positive Q3 report in which earnings were over two times higher than expected by Wall Street. Ford also increased its full-year profitability forecast and reinstated its dividend.

“Of course, solid statistics helped,” the 5-star analyst noted, “but we found Ford management on the call more in charge of operations and strategy than at any time in the prior two years, despite industry uncertainties.” “With FordPro, Ford is at the start of an aggressive cycle of replacing and renewing major product franchises while playing to brand strengths.”

As a result, Houchois grades Ford stock as a Buy with a $20 price target. This statistic suggests a 3% increase in value. ( To learn more about Houchois’ track record, click here.

Overall, most experts believe the stock has risen far enough for the time being; the $17.53 average goal predicts the stock will remain rangebound for the time being. is the source for this information.

November 1, 2021

Ford (F) stock forecast: After a solid earnings report, the engines have been restarted.

Revenues were $35.7 billion, down 5% from a year ago but up 33% from the preceding quarter. The business ascribed the decrease in revenue from 2020 levels to decreased manufacturing volume – 1.01 million wholesale units in Q3 2021 vs 1.18 million in Q3 2020. This is despite semiconductor constraints, which were somewhat offset by increased net price and improved mix.
Zacks Equity Research’s EPS forecast of $0.29 was off the mark, as were most investors’ expectations, and its Q4 2021 projection of $0.22 is similarly likely to be revised up.
Analysts’ thoughts on Ford

“Ford’s strong electrification effort, with projected expenditure of roughly $30 billion by 2025 and a goal of all-electric vehicles accounting for 40% of global car volume by the end of the decade, augurs well,” they write.

Morgan Stanley’s May 2021 price projection of $9.00-$11.00 marks a 26.4 percent shrinkage, making it the sole negative Ford share price forecast this year.

Prior to earnings reporting, Zacks saw no volatility in the stock and maintained a $16.00 12-month price objective.

Analysis of the Ford stock

The semiconductor-driven decline in the second quarter stopped Ford from breaking through to its one-year resistance levels of $16.22 earlier this year, with a peak of $15.97 on June 4, 2021.

However, optimistic news of better-than-expected third-quarter earnings this week propelled Ford shares up 8.7% at close on October 28, breaking past 52-week resistance levels. The Ford stock price is at its highest level since August 2014, at $16.86. The stock has gained 91.81 percent year to date and 113.42 percent in the previous year.

The stock is rapidly reaching $18.06 R3 resistance levels, and is well over its pivot point of $13.84. After its surge on October 28, the stock’s Relative Strength Index (RSI) of 68.98 indicates that it has yet to enter overbought territory. is the source for this information.

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