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11 January, 2022

Ethereum (ETH) vs. US Dollar (USD) Forecast: Ethereum Continues to Fight at $3000

The Ethereum market fell below $3000 during Monday’s trading session before buyers rushed in and tried to stabilise the price. The market is presently trading at $3072.30 as I film this video, indicating that we did indeed rebound hard from the psychologically key $3000 barrier.

That being said, this has been a nasty selloff, and to be honest, we need to see some form of upward follow-through, which we have yet to see. Because the market tends to move in $500 increments, I believe that if we can break over the top of the candlestick for the trading session on Monday, we may open up a move towards the $3500 level, and of course, the 200 day EMA would be broken above, attracting a lot of people into this market.

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To be honest, Ethereum is a market with a bright future, so despite the fact that we’ve seen such a bad selloff, a lot of it is due to external factors, and the core narrative remains the same. I’d also want to mention up that there’s a huge cluster lying just around the $3000 level that provided substantial support around September 2021, and it appears to be holding so far. Is this a really attractive graph? Of course not, but we are now so oversold that a bounce makes a lot of sense.

To be honest, we need Bitcoin to rally a little bit as well, since the rest of the crypto markets tend to follow it. From a long-term perspective, I prefer Ethereum, and I bought a little amount near $3000 over the weekend. However, I would underline the word “little bit,” because going “all in” would be extremely risky, as you are literally trying to catch a falling knife. Nonetheless, I believe we are towards the conclusion of the selloff at this time, so I am on the lookout for opportunities to buy up small amounts of Ethereum in the future. For example, over the weekend, I purchased 0.2 ETH to add to a longer-term core investment that I already had. is the source for this information.

December 30, 2021

The price of Ethereum has risen by 1.90 percent, making it a good time to invest in the cryptocurrency.

Ethereum rose over the $3,600 support zone on Thursday. It’s presently headed north to $3,720 to complete a 23.6 percent Fibonacci retracement. The ETH/USD pair finished at $3,627.17 the day before, after hitting a top of $3,826.10 and a low of $3,607.76.

For the fourth straight session, the ETH/USD pair maintained its negative trend, falling to its lowest level since mid-October. Ethereum has been steadily declining for the previous four days, with a 6.2 percent loss in the last seven days. While the value of the most popular cryptocurrencies was dropping, the value of other crypto assets was increasing.

With the increased interest in blockchain and cryptocurrency in general, now might be a good time to buy Ethereum and ride the wave.

Despite the rise in cryptocurrencies, Ethereum is on the decline.

According to a new survey, BTC and ETH had a bad week last week. During the same time period, however, other alternative currencies, primarily 18 coins, gained substantial strength. Over the same time period, cons like SUSHI surged by 67 percent, NEAR increased by 57.8%, FTM increased by 49.6%, and ROSE increased by 48 percent. In addition, Convex Finance, AAVE, THETA, Uniswap, osmosis, Kadena, Iota, and the Sandbox all had double-digit rises last week, while the top cryptos saw their value plummet. The recent decline of BTC and ETH might be due to increased competition and acceptance of other currency.

Solana & Cardano vs. Ethereum

Despite the soaring value of all these other coins, Ethereum’s two main challengers are Solana and Cardano, which are poised to overtake it in the near future. Solana’s value has risen by more than 17,500% in only 2021, outperforming several other cryptocurrencies and offering the most serious threat to Ethereum in terms of smart contract capabilities by being quicker and more efficient than competitors. Cardano, on the other hand, is a direct rival to Ethereum, which developers are choosing owing to its great future vision. Without any good fundamentals, increased competition and an expanding number of Ethereum killers have driven ETH/USD values to the lower in recent days.

On the other hand, Ethereum users who paid $1559 or more in Ether gas costs before December 26 would get Gas DAO airdrop tokens. The application will notify users who have not spent $1559 in ETH fees that they are ineligible for a GAS token claim. The announcement, however, had little effect on the ETH/USD exchange rate on Wednesday.

Technical forecast for Ethereum: Expect a pullback to $3,800.

Sadly, Ethereum’s price could not stay above the $3,880 and $3,850 support levels. ETH fell further, trading below the crucial $3,750 support level. The price plummeted below $3,700, eventually settling below the 100 hourly simple moving average. It’s presently consolidating losses after falling as low as $3,602. The $3,655 level poses immediate resistance on the upswing. Its price is around the 23.6 percent Fib retracement level of the latest dip from the swing high of $3,827 to the low of $3,602. Around $3,715 USD is the next important resistance level.

A big negative trend line with resistance near $3,715 has also been created on the hourly chart of ETH/USD. The trend line is at the 50% Fib retracement level of the latest drop from the swing high of $3,827 to the low of $3,602. To start a real recovery, the price has to break past the $3,715 barrier. In the aforementioned situation, the price might rise towards $3,850 or the 100 hourly simple moving average. Any further rises might take the price of ETH above the $4,000 threshold.

More ETH price drops?

Ethereum may continue to tumble if it fails to break past the $3,715 barrier level. On the downside, at $3,600, or the current low, is an initial support level. At $3,550 and $3,500, the first strong support is forming. A break below $3,550 or $3,500 might put the bulls under a lot of pressure. In the aforementioned situation, the price might drop in the short term to the $3,200 support zone. is the source of this information

24 December, 2021

Predictions on the price of Ethereum in 2022

Ethereum has had a fantastic year in 2021. ETH/USD was trading in the low $700 range on December 31, 2020. ETH is trading north of $4000 per coin as the end of December 2021 approaches. That’s a year-over-year increase of more than 300 percent. This contrasts with a year-to-date return of nearly 80% for BTC/USD at the time of writing.

In 2021, ETH/BTC climbed sharply from under 0.03 to current prices at 0.08, which are nearing to annual highs. Ethereum’s overall market capitalization is just under $500 billion as of Friday morning, while Bitcoin’s is just under $1 trillion.

Web3’s recent growth is driving ETH’s outperformance.

The outperformance of ethereum over bitcoin this year has been ascribed to the former’s superior versatility in terms of integration with dApps, DeFi, and NFT initiatives, according to cryptocurrency analysts. In 2021, there was a surge of interest in these sectors, as well as in famous meme currencies like Shiba Inu, with the majority of these projects developed on the Ethereum platform.

“Ethereum has benefited from the enthusiasm around ethereum-based NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and its ability to power the fledgling web3… “Ethereum has risen at a quicker rate than bitcoin in the last year as VC firms and investors race to fund ethereum-based businesses,” according to BOOX Research.

“In many respects, Ethereum-based NFTs and alt-tokens are the earliest expressions of the Metaverse’s potential… Ethereum has the potential to make the digital economy more accessible on a global scale… It’s still uncertain where the applications will go in the next years, but we see ETH as a bet on that future,” the cryptocurrency research firm added.

Themes to Watch in 2022

In 2021, Web3 was a prominent term in the cryptocurrency world, and most tech analysts believe that interest in the concept will only grow in 2022. Growth in this arena should keep ETH bid as long as the Etheruem blockchain is seen as a fundamental building component for the upcoming decentralised web.

“People perceive ethereum as a technological play and bitcoin as a debasement of fiat money gamble,” said billionaire investor Mike Novogratz on CNBC yesterday. Novogratz believes the macro background will continue to favour ethereum as the US Federal Reserve adopts a more hawkish stance in 2022 to combat inflation, which reached near four-decade highs in November at 6.8% YoY in the US.

Another subject to watch in 2022 is Ethereum’s anticipated “protocol 2.0” transition, which will see the Ethereum mining process migrate from the very energy-intensive “proof of word” approach to the considerably more energy-efficient “proof of stake” method. When the switch to “proof of stake” is complete, ethereum mining energy usage should drop by 99 percent, dramatically improving the cryptocurrency’s appeal to ESG investors.

Of course, institutional adoption was a big subject in 2022, with bitcoin taking a hit as investors (including Tesla CEO Elon Musk) became more aware of how environmentally terrible it is. While bitcoin miners try to use renewable energy wherever possible, ethereum’s switch to “proof of stake” represents a step forward. ESG preference for ethereum might therefore be another important driver of ETH outperformance over BTC in 2022.

Regulation, as always, poses a significant threat to the industry. Given the country’s severe pollution problem, China made efforts to restrict cryptocurrency mining in 2021, while India took moves to outright ban cryptocurrency usage. However, statements from SEC Chairman Gary Gensler imply that the US is not considering a broad crypto prohibition at this time. Indeed, the US Treasury Department has updated its financial market framework to ensure that cryptocurrencies are lawful in the banking industry.

Forecasts for 2022

According to’s patented methodology, ethereum is expected to rise slightly under 70% in 2022, bringing it close to $7000 by the end of the year. That would, of course, be a dramatic deceleration from the advances seen in 2021.

“We are positive on ETH while understanding it won’t be a straight line upward…,” OOX Research said of the cryptocurrency. A rise above $5,000 on the upside might pave the door for a run towards $7,500, our ETH price objective for 2022.” is the source of this information.

21 December, 2021

Can Web3 Boost ETH Value in 2022? Ethereum Price Prediction 2022: Can Web3 Boost ETH Value?

The higher adaptability of Ethereum in terms of integration with dApps, DeFi, and NFT projects has been attributed to the former’s outperformance over Bitcoin this year.

The year 2021 might be remembered as the most exciting and chaotic in Bitcoin history.

The Solana ecosystem’s amazing rise throughout the summer, as well as Bitcoin’s all-time high price of $69,000 in November, were all evidence of tremendous development and innovation.

In 2021, these industries, as well as famous meme currencies like Shiba Inu, saw a boom in attention, with the bulk of these projects built on the Ethereum platform.

Throughout the year 2021, Ethereum

Ethereum had a wonderful year in 2021, according to FXEmpire.

On December 31, 2020, ETH/USD was trading in the low $700 level. According to CoinMarketCap, the value of ETH is approaching $4000 per token as the end of December 2021 approaches.

That’s a more than 300 percent rise over the previous year.

The Ethereum system is also continuously developing its ecosystem in order to meet market need.

The much-anticipated London hard fork of Ethereum, for example, was launched in August.

The London hard fork of Ethereum, according to CNBC, refers to a substantial improvement Ethereum made to its blockchain. One of the changes impacts how transaction fees are calculated, with the objective of minimising volatility and smoothing them down.

Ethereum Price Predictions 2022

Ethereum, like Bitcoin, has had its fair share of bullishness in 2021.

The second-most valuable cryptocurrency, on the other hand, is known to be more volatile than Bitcoin, as well as more difficult to predict, according to experts.

As a result, there were fewer people ready to set ETH price objectives.

According to CryptoNews, Kryptovault CEO Kjetil Hove Pettersen stated that when it comes to Ethereum price forecast 2022, he would not guess on where the coin’s price will go because Ethereum is more volatile than Bitcoin.

In addition, he claimed that Ethereum has the potential to exceed Bitcoin, despite the fact that it comes with a lot more risk, just like any other cryptocurrency.

Similarly, eToro’s crypto specialist Simon Peters projected that ETH prices will climb due to a mix of growing demand and decreased supply, though he declined to provide a particular amount.

According to the expert, increased demand from institutional and individual investors looking for alternative investments, as well as supply tapering and a slowing of new ETH entering circulation as a result of EIP-1559, might lead to an increase in the price of ETH.

Is Web3 able to increase the value of ETH?
Web3 is the third generation of the internet, and it will be constructed on the blockchain.

In the next internet age, Web3, users will not have distinct social profiles for each site. Instead, they’ll have a single social account that they can use to access everything from Facebook to Twitter to Google, retail sites, and other sites.

According to Coin Desk, a user’s activities might be traced on the same digital backbone that supports cryptocurrencies like the bitcoin blockchain, rather than on massive corporate servers like Amazon Web Services.

One-of-a-kind tokens representing ownership of a virtual item might be more readily bought and exchanged with cryptocurrencies on a network like Web3.

According to Yahoo Finance, Web3 may add to favourable Ethereum price predictions for 2022 in the coming year as public interest continues to rise.

As long as the Etheruem blockchain is considered as a crucial building component for the coming decentralised web, ETH value should rise.

People regard ethereum as a technology play and bitcoin as a debasement of fiat money bet, according to billionaire investor Mike Novogratz. is the source of this information.

November 15, 2021

Ethereum Price Prediction: How High Could ETH Go This Week, According to One Analyst

Ethereum (CCC:ETH-USD) is undoubtedly generating a lot of buzz right now. This excitement is understandable, given the emergence of decentralised finance (DeFi) and the usefulness generated by Ethereum’s protocol. As a result, when an amazing Ethereum price prediction makes the news, investors should be excited.

Today’s markets have reflected such a price projection. We’ll get to it in just a moment. However, it’s crucial to take a step back and consider how Ethereum has behaved in recent weeks to understand why such forecasts are being made.

At the time of writing, ETH had gained more than 26% in the last month. That may seem like a modest amount in the crypto world. Such increases in a short period of time are significant for any asset class.

This development is arguably even more fascinating given Ethereum’s market value. As a result, a rise to $5,000 by the end of the week suggests another 9% gain from present levels. Given the current momentum of this coin, it’s plausible.

Let’s take a look at the $5,000 price objective that has sparked interest in Ethereum today. is the source of this information.

November 13, 2021

Analysis of the Ethereum price: Will the currency reach $5,000 in 2021?

On November 10, Ethereum’s native cryptocurrency, ether (ETH), climbed with bitcoin (BTC) to a new all-time high above $4,850. The currency, however, has fallen to $4,635.92 at the time of writing (13 November).

The rise in institutional interest in bitcoin, as well as the introduction of decentralised finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) operating on the Ethereum blockchain, has fueled cryptocurrency markets this year. The ETH price has also received support as part of the Ethereum 2.0 update, which included a hard fork that added coin burning to restrict supply.

Is there enough momentum for the price to keep rising to new highs? Will the price of ethereum rise or fall in the near future?

We’ll take a look at the most recent ETH price news and projections in this post.

The interest of institutions in ETH is growing.

In October, the first exchange-traded fund (ETF) for bitcoin futures was established in the United States, with numerous more awaiting regulatory clearance. The optimistic atmosphere around bitcoin ETFs has moved to the ether market, with analysts expecting Ethereum to have its own ETF soon. The CI Galaxy Ethereum ETF, the Purpose Ether ETF, and the Evolve Ether ETF are among the ether ETFs available in Canada.

The market set an ethereum price record of $4,859.50 on November 10th, with BTC trading at a new all-time high above $68,000.

Institutional investors have become more interested in bitcoin and ether this year, and ETFs make it easier for them to include cryptocurrencies in their portfolios. According to a research by cryptocurrency exchange Kraken, institutional fund inflows into BTC for the year to far were $6.37 billion, while ETH flows totaled $1.05 billion.

The usage of smart contracts in DeFi and NFTs has also fueled Ethereum headlines. According to a survey released in September by Chainalysis, Central, Northern, and Western Europe have the world’s largest cryptocurrency economy, with the bulk of large institutional-sized transfers in the area going to DeFi platforms in the previous year. As a result, the majority of those big institutional transactions were done in ether and wrapped ethereum (wETH), an ERC-20 token used in DeFi protocols.

Simultaneously, trading activity in the NFT arena increased sharply in the third quarter of this year and continued to rise in October.

According to DappRadar, decentralised applications reported more than two million daily unique active wallets for the first time in October, up 21% from the previous month and 626 percent year over year from October 2020. In October alone, the NFT space witnessed $4.2 billion in trading activity, up 2% from September, with Ethereum accounting for 82.11 percent of the entire volume. Any increase in activity on the Ethereum blockchain, which is exchanged using the ether token, pushes up demand for the cryptocurrency, supporting higher pricing.

The research stated that “the floor market cap for the top 100 Ethereum NFT collections and NBA Top shot was measured at $16.72 billion, an increase of 18 percent from the amount recorded in September.”

While rival blockchains like as Solana and Polygon are gaining traction, Ethereum continues to be the leader in DeFi in terms of total locked value (TVL). The following is from the report:

“Ethereum had $120 billion in TVL, accounting for about 55% of the industry’s total. Despite the fact that the supply of DeFi dapps has expanded in recent months, and despite the negative impacts of high gas prices, Ethereum remains a DeFi-heavy network.”
The ETH price chart indicates that the coin rose from a low of $1,722.05 on July 20th, when the cryptocurrency markets bottomed out, to a high of $4,022.47 in early September, during a brief squeeze near the conclusion of the summer rally. On September 21, Ether fell to a new low of $2,676.41.

Following that, the price trend shifted upward, and cryptocurrency markets rose across the board. On the 20th of October, it reclaimed the $4,000 level, with the $5,000 level being the next possible price objective. The coin was trading for $4,635.92 at the time of writing.

Is the price poised to continue rising, or is it preparing for a reversal? What is the consensus among analysts?

Will the price of Ethereum break $5,000 in the near future?

“Optimism that $5k is around the corner looks high,” according to Santiment analysts. The fact that the average network charge is $63.50, which was last this high on May 12th, is one of the few factors holding $ETH back.”

On November 9, Ethereum transaction costs, also known as gas fees, hit their second-highest level ever. On May 12, fees reached an all-time high of $70.

The Ethereum Name Service (ENS), a blockchain-based name protocol, delivered an airdrop of governance tokens on November 9th, forcing gas fees upward as users claimed the tokens. The ENS airdrop tokens may be claimed until 4 May 2022, but with cryptocurrency values on the rise, people were eager to claim them right now. According to statistics from Dune Analytics, more than 7,000 Ethereum domain names were registered on November 9 and another 7,000 on November 10, breaking the previous record of 3,000.

According to Kraken’s technical research, ether recaptured band 5 of its Logarithmic Regression Rainbow in October. The following is taken from the report:

“Should ETH keep pushing higher and avoid sliding back to band 5, the next major level of resistance that ETH may aim to test is band 6, which is about $6,500. With ETH closing at $4,200 in October, a challenge of stated barrier level suggests a 50% gain.”
However, due to a reduction in Ethereum-based NFT sales, less ETH was burnt in October than in September, according to Kraken’s ETH pricing analysis:

“The top ten projects used a lot less ETH in September than they did in September.” More than 152,000 ETH was destroyed in October, compared to more than 186,000 ETH in September. A dip in Opensea activity explains some of the decrease in ETH burnt… If demand for NFTs continues to drop, as well as lower [decentralised exchange] DEX activity, ETH may become less disinflationary, causing demand to weaken.”
At the time of writing (13 November), a total of 870,743.8 ETH has been destroyed since August, worth a total of $4 billion, according to Etherscan statistics.

CoinCodex predicted that the price of ethereum will decrease to $4,482.86 by November 18th. At the time of writing, however, mood was neutral, with 19 ethereum technical analysis indicators indicating optimistic signs and 10 indicating negative indications.

The ether price might surge beyond $5,000 by the end of November, according to algorithm-based forecasting service WalletInvestor, and trade between $4,500 and $5,400 for the remainder of the year. According to Gov Capital, the price might stabilise around $4,700 for the rest of 2021 before resuming its upward trend in January.

It’s vital to remember that cryptocurrency markets are still incredibly volatile, making it impossible to anticipate a coin’s price in a matter of hours, and even more difficult to make long-term predictions. As a result, experts can and do make mistakes in their forecasts.

Before making any investment choice, we urge that you conduct your own research and evaluate the latest market trends, news, technical and fundamental analysis, and expert opinion. Also, never put more money into anything than you can afford to lose.

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