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11 January, 2022

Bitcoin Price Prediction: $45,000 Level for BTC/USD

After hitting a daily low of $41,274, BTC/USD is presently trading at $42,824 with a 2.39 percent gain. According to the daily chart, Bitcoin’s price may continue to struggle to remain above the crucial $45,000 mark, as it approaches the 9-day moving average. However, the bulls must make the $42,000 support level robust if BTC/USD is to stay above this barrier for the next few days.

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Bitcoin (BTC) Price Prediction: Bitcoin (BTC) Could Rise

The Bitcoin price is now advancing above the 9-day moving average, and if it breaks over the top limit of the channel, BTC/USD might reach $46,000, which is the next resistance level. Furthermore, the king currency must break through this key resistance level in order to go higher.

However, looking at the Relative Strength Index (14), the signal line is expected to cross above the 40-level, but the recovery will be difficult, and traders should be aware that support will have to be found above $45,000, with resistance levels at $48,000, $50,000, and $52,000.

Meanwhile, despite the current rise, the RSI (14) is expected to revert to oversold territory, indicating that the bears may still have area to explore. If this happens, the $37,000, $35,000, and $33,000 supports are likely to come into focus.

BTC/USD is on a bearish medium-term trend (4H Chart)

The technical indicator Relative Strength Index (14) remains below the 60-level on the 4-hour chart and is anticipated to plunge to the south to commence a negative spiral. However, the chart shows that the market is moving in a positive direction, since the technical indicator is pointing upward.

However, if the Bitcoin price continues to rise and breaks over the channel’s top border, the market is expected to approach $45,000 and beyond as potential resistance. On the other hand, if the current market value falls below the 9-day and 21-day moving averages, it may test the $41,000 support level. is the source for this information.

17 December 2021

After Bouncing Off Key Support at $45,525 in Bitcoin Price Forecast

The bitcoin price fell further on Friday before finding support at around $45.525, resulting in a modest bounce. On the 60-minute chart, the pioneer cryptocurrency is still trading within a downward channel pattern.

Bitcoin has now dropped below the 100-hour moving average by numerous levels. As a result, the BTC/USD has fallen, trading closer to the 14-hour RSI’s oversold levels. As a result, a substantial comeback might be on the horizon.

Overview of Bitcoin’s Fundamentals

In terms of fundamentals, the main cryptocurrency is still under pressure, as is the rest of the global financial market, due to the Omicron form of covid-19. As a result, the BTC/USD appears to be reacting similarly to the mainstream market in recent months. Analysts believe this is a positive aspect for bitcoin since it means investors will treat it like any other capital asset.

On the plus side, the cryptocurrency sector as a whole continues to grow, with non-fungible tokens gaining popularity this year following sales topping $22 billion. As a result, economists believe DeFi and NFTs will aid the business, culminating in a large increase in cryptocurrency values. Increased off-rik trading, which generally boosts the greenback, has harmed the BTC/USD recently.

Technical Analysis of Bitcoin Price (the 60-min Chart)

On the 60-minute chart, the BTC/USD looks to be trading within a falling channel structure. As a result, bitcoin has plunged to trade at oversold levels, presenting an ideal chance for a comeback.

As a result, bulls will aim for potential rebound gains of around $47,147, or even higher at $48,040. The bears, on the other side, will aim for prolonged losses at $45,525, or perhaps lower around $44,640.

Technical Analysis of the Bitcoin Price (the Daily Chart)

The BTC/USD appears to be trading within a strongly declining channel formation on the daily chart, indicating a significant long-term negative bias. As a result, Bitcoin has fallen below the 100-day moving average and is now trading several levels below it.

As a result, the bears will aim for gains at $42,503 or even lower at $37,733 in order to maintain long-term dominance. The bulls, on the other hand, will aim for long-term gains of around $51,685 or higher, at $56,322. is the source for this information.

17 December 2021

Bitcoin Weekly Forecast: Before $100,000, BTC will present the best purchasing opportunity.

For quite some time, the Bitcoin price has been hovering around the $50,000 psychological barrier. BTC is expected to experience a sharp drop if one of its key support barriers is breached. Long-term investors are also booking profits, according to on-chain measures, anticipating a price drop.

The value of bitcoin and MicroStrategy’s holdings

For the past two weeks, the price of bitcoin has been trapped between the 21-week Simple Moving Average (SMA) of $51,782 and the 50-week SMA of $44,730. BTC breached through the 50-week SMA on December 4, but it immediately rebounded. The huge crypto is slowly slithering its way back to retest the crucial support level as the sell-off continues.

A weekly closure below the 50-week SMA at $44,730 signals a significant change in trend from bullish to bearish. This scenario might also indicate that Bitcoin’s price is on the verge of collecting liquidity below the $40,596 support level.

While this liquidity rush may cause BTC to go below $40,000, this is only a momentary drop. Investors should anticipate the pioneer cryptocurrency to stabilise here in the long haul before travelling to $30,000 or the liquidity below it.

Surprisingly, this downswing is required to trigger stop-losses lying below a significant $29,860 level, which is MicroStrategy’s average buy-in price. The business intelligence software company has acquired 122,477 BTC so far, accounting for 0.53 percent of all BTC in circulation.

MicroStrategy’s total Bitcoin holdings are valued $5.76 billion, indicating a profit of nearly 56 percent. Many whales or long-term holders who are betting on BTC are likely to have an average price that is similar to MicroStrategy’s or somewhat lower.

As a result, a drop below MicroStrategy’s average price of $29,860 will signal a’max pain’ scenario, in which many investors will panic and sell to avoid losses. As a result, market makers are expected to push Bitcoin’s price back to or just below this level.

While this is a speculative outlook, it makes sense for BTC, particularly from the standpoint of market makers, because supply is resting below the many wicks seen around the $30,000 psychological threshold. This shift would result in a 36 percent drop in price from where it is now.

A worst-case scenario for BTC would be a 48 percent drop, allowing it to retest the 200-week SMA at $23,935, which is highly improbable. is the source for this information.

16 December, 2021

Experts predict that Bitcoin will reach $100,000. When Do They Think It Will Happen?

Last month, Bitcoin surpassed $68,000 for the first time, setting a new all-time high for the year. It had slipped below $46,000 by early December.

After started the year below $30,000 in January, Bitcoin’s price has risen dramatically to its current high position. Its value varies dramatically from day to day, and even minute to minute. This month, the price of bitcoin has fluctuated between $46,000 and $58,000. Since Sunday, it hasn’t broken $50,000, and its lowest point this week was below $46,000.

Despite the volatility, many analysts believe Bitcoin is on its way to breaking the $100,000 barrier, however there are differing viewpoints on when this will happen. The volatility is nothing new, and it’s one of the reasons why experts advise new crypto investors to be cautious when committing a portion of their portfolio to cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin has risen in value as steadily as any other cryptocurrency on the market over the years. It’s only natural for Bitcoin investors to wonder how far the currency may rise.

Unfortunately, the price of Bitcoin is exceedingly difficult to forecast, and it is much more vulnerable to market forces than other asset classes. Nonetheless, we decided to poll several experts for their best ideas. Here’s what they had to say:

Bitcoin Price Forecasts
Bitcoin is expected to hit $100,000 by 2023, according to conservative projections.

Some analysts are more optimistic. “The most qualified academics in the sector are projecting $100,000 Bitcoin in Q1 2022 or sooner,” says Kate Waltman, a certified public accountant specialising in cryptocurrency in New York.

Others prefer to point to the pattern of growing value over time rather than anticipate a figure and a date. Last month, Jurrien Timmer, director of global macro at Fidelity Investments, anticipated a “very sustainable” growth in Bitcoin’s long-term value, driven by organic market activity, with the $100,000 milestone in sight.

Kiana Danial, founder of Invest Diva and author of “Cryptocurrency Investing For Dummies,” says, “What I foresee from Bitcoin is volatility [in the] short-term and growth [in the] long-term.”

Unsurprisingly, well-known crypto investors, evangelists, and public pundits have significantly differing perspectives and forecasts on how high Bitcoin may go (and when). Here are some additional forecasts for the coming year, sorted from low to high:

Ian Balina

Bitcoin investor and creator of Token Metrics, a crypto research and media firm

By the end of 2021, it’s expected to be worth $75,000.

Why: While technical data suggests that $100,000 isn’t out of the question, Balina told NextAdvisor that he wants to be cautious.

Matthew Hyland

From the perspective of a technical analyst and a blockchain data analyst

$250,000 by January 2022, according to the forecast.

Why: According to Hyland’s Twitter account, Bitcoin passing the $100,000 mark would trigger a joyful bull run. Hyland used the 150 percent increase in Bitcoin from $8,000 to $20,000 immediately after Thanksgiving in 2017 as an example.

Robert Breedlove

Point of View: Founder and CEO of Parallax Digital, a digital asset marketing and consulting organisation. Prediction: $307,000 by October 2021 (already past), and $12.5 million by 2031.

Why: Following COVID-19, inflationary forces will fuel interest in cryptocurrency, driving the price of Bitcoin higher than earlier estimates. Breedlove also mentioned in an interview earlier this year that the fourth quarter of 2021 is around 510 days after a “halving” event, in which Bitcoin’s algorithm lowers the incentive for mining transactions on the blockchain. Previous halving episodes, according to Breedlove, have been followed by new highs 500 days later.

Crypto experts aren’t the only ones making Bitcoin forecasts. Big financial firms have also made projections, with JPMorgan forecasting a long-term high of $146,000 and Bloomberg forecasting $400,000 by 2022. is the source for this information.

11 DECEMBER 2021

The price of bitcoin in 2022. Optimistic forecasts

According to a Bloomberg expert, the United States will acknowledge cryptocurrencies in 2022. What will happen to the price of bitcoin and ether?
The price of major cryptocurrencies has plummeted in recent years, prompting yet another round of conjecture about the & # 171; bubble & # 187; set to burst. However, economists who aren’t the first to comment on the strong rises in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are predicting a bright future. is a website that gives professional advice.

It’s business as usual here.
Since last week, bitcoin has lost about 20% of its value, along with ether (ethereum), which has lost roughly 15% of its value during this period. Since November 8, the decreasing trend has been carrying on for a month.

The extreme volatility of cryptocurrencies (their proclivity for rapid price swings) has, on the other hand, long been a surprise. One simply has to recall that Bitcoin could be purchased for $ 18,000 precisely a year ago, on December 10, 2020. Its price went up to 62 thousand in April, then plummeted to 30, then surged to 67… What’s next for us?

The price of bitcoin in 2021 Mike McGlone, a senior Bloomberg Intelligence strategist, expects that the United States will acknowledge cryptocurrencies in 2022, resulting in suitable regulation and a & # 171; positive & # 187; mindset, with demand growing and the price rising in tandem.

The limitless supply of fiat currency [actual money] should promote price hikes, especially for bitcoin and ether, which have a restricted quantity, according to Bloomberg’s 2022 estimate.

According to the expert, cryptocurrencies’ greater dissemination and acceptance throughout the world would aid in overcoming market swings such as a 50% correction in 2021. Furthermore, if stock market rates normalise and US Treasury yields continue to fall, Bitcoin and Ether may become more appealing in investor portfolios.

As a result, McGlone anticipates the price of Bitcoin to approach $100,000 and the price of Ether to exceed $5,000.

In 2021, the price of ether will rise from ten thousand to a million dollars.

What are the opinions of other experts?

According to Anthony Pompliano, founder and partner of Morgan Creek Digital, bitcoin will hit $ 250,000 in 2022.

By the end of 2022, billionaire Tim Draper is anticipated to see the same amount.

In August, Standard Chartered Bank predicted a BTC price of $100,000 in early 2022. Nick Spanos, co-founder of, believes the same way.

In early November, Senior Token Metrics Market Analyst Bill Noble predicted that Bitcoin will soar to $ 75,000 by the end of the year, but he would not rule out a brief decline below $ 25,000.

Barry Sternlicht, the CEO of Starwood Capital Group, is another billionaire who believes that Bitcoin will reach a million dollar value in the future (although uncertainly). He explains this by pointing out that although states continue to generate money, the number of bitcoins available is finite.

However, the less enthusiastic investor (and millionaire) Louis Navelier, founder of Navellier & Associates, let the most popular cryptocurrency to plummet to $10,000.

The stock market and Bitcoin

The price of bitcoin, ether, and other major cryptocurrencies has grown dramatically in the last year, owing in part to monetary stimulus measures implemented by the US Federal Reserve and other central banks across the world, which have contributed to the rise in stock market values.

in addition to Thus, the Fed’s stimulus programme may be rolled back in 2022 as a result of high inflation and a healthy job market in the United States, which, according to McGlone, might result in further appreciation of bitcoin and ether despite collapsing stock markets.

Remember that stock markets were volatile in December due to fears of a new strain of Omicron and a likely acceleration of the Fed’s stimulus withdrawal amid rising inflation.

According to McGlone, a further downturn in the stock market may be advantageous to bitcoin. In his perspective, bitcoin is on its way to become a form of digital gold & # 8212; manner of saving money.

Bitcoin cannot be manufactured eternally; it was designed for a limited quantity of & # 8212; 21 million pieces. Around 90% of these have already been & # 171; mined & # 187 ;. is the source for this information.

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