Apollo Hospitals Share Price Target Forecast 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030

14 January, 2022

ICICI Direct recommends Apollo Hospitals Enterprise with a target price of Rs 5930.

Apollo Hospitals Enterprise got a buy call from ICICI Direct with a target price of Rs 5930. Apollo Hospitals Enterprise is currently trading at Rs 4959 on the market. When the price of Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd. reaches the set objective, the analyst estimates it will take one year.

Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd., founded in 1979, is a Large Cap business in the Hospitals & Allied Services sector with a market capitalization of Rs 71536.46 crore.

Pharmaceuticals, HealthCare Services, and Other Operating Revenue are among Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd.’s primary products/revenue segments for the fiscal year ending 31-Mar-2021.


The firm reported a Consolidated Total Income of Rs 3722.70 Crore for the quarter ended September 30, 2021, down -1.64 percent from the previous quarter’s Total Income of Rs 3784.85 Crore but up 34.29 percent from the same quarter last year’s Total Income of Rs 2772.04 Crore. In the most recent quarter, the company generated a net profit after tax of Rs 264.89 crore.

Reasons for Investing

Revenues are expected to fall by 2.7 percent QoQ to Rs 3616.8 crore, owing to a contribution from Covid in Q2FY22. Hospital income is predicted to drop 2.3 percent QoQ to Rs 2,118.2 crore (up 4.4 percent ex-Covid revenue in Q2FY22), while pharmacy revenue is expected to drop 4.6 percent to Rs 1113.8 crore. AHLL is expected to maintain its QoQ revenue of Rs 384.7 crore. EBITDA margins are predicted to rise 41 basis points QoQ to 17%, while EBITDA is expected to remain stable at Rs 613.3 crore. Adjusted PAT is estimated to rise 5.6 percent on a quarter-on-quarter basis to Rs 261.8 crore.

FII Holdings/Promoter

As of December 31, 2021, promoters controlled 29.33 percent of the corporation, FIIs 52.41 percent, and DIIs 12.17 percent.

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21 DECEMBER 2021

Motilal Oswal recommends Apollo Hospitals with a target price of Rs 5900.

In a research note dated December 21, 2021, Motilal Oswal suggested a buy rating on Apollo Hospitals with a target price of Rs 5900.

Apollo Healthcare Enterprises Limited (AHEL), with its 30 mature hospitals, has established itself as a leading name in the Indian healthcare industry. Its 13 new hospitals are approaching completion, adding to the company’s expansion and profitability. At the same time, AHEL is quickly growing its healthcare adjacencies through the Apollo 24|7 platform, which is driven by its wide network of 4,300 retail pharmacy outlets and has an unpatrolled reach and turnaround time. We believe that AHEL’s omni-channel differentiating factor will become the preferred method for online pharmacy in the future, allowing it to capture a 14% market share in e-pharmacy over the next five years. Additionally, Apollo Health And Lifestyle Limited (AHLLgrowing )’s profitability and expansion will operate as a growth lever, with significant potential of future development in this highly efficient industry.


We estimate AHEL’s revenue to rise at a CAGR of 16 percent and profits to expand at a CAGR of 30 percent to INR192 billion/INR16 billion during FY22-24, owing to the many growth levers in place to drive its business. We start coverage on AHEL with a Buy rating and a SOTP-based target price of INR5,900.

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NOVEMBER 22, 2021

Share Price Target for Apollo Hospitals; Trading Ideas for the Next 3-4 Weeks

Karan Pai, Technical Analyst at GEPL Capital, is an expert.

Apollo Hospitals Enterprises: Buy | LTP: Rs 5,588.60 | Stop Loss: Rs 5,130 | Target: Rs 6,520

After reaching a low of Rs 3,955, Apollo Hospitals has been producing a higher high-lower pattern over the previous few weeks. This upward move lifted the price to a new 52-week high, and it was backed by a strong volume build-up, indicating that the move was well-supported.

On the indicator front, the Bollinger Bands on the weekly chart appear to be widening, indicating that volatility is growing as prices rise. After establishing a positive hinge at the 50 mark, the RSI (Relative Strength Index) is going higher, indicating a bullish price movement.

The price activity on the medium and short term charts suggests that prices are likely to move towards Rs 6,030 and then Rs 6,520.

On a closing basis, investors can deposit and hold Apollo Hospitals with a goal of Rs 6,030 to Rs 6,520 and a stop loss of Rs 5,130.

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24 NOVEMBER, 2021

What Should Investors Do With Apollo Hospitals’ Share Price Target?

Globe Capital Markets’ Gaurav Sharma has recommended this stock.

It has the greatest market capitalisation of any healthcare stock and is better positioned than its listed competitors. It has made significant gains in recent sessions, going from Rs 4,600 to over Rs 5,800 in less than four days.

A breakthrough from the N-formation can also be seen on the weekly chart, which is backed up by robust volumes. We can see it advancing towards the Rs.6,200 level, which is the initial goal of the aforementioned formation, based on its overall chart pattern.

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24 NOVEMBER, 2021

What Should Investors Do With Apollo Hospitals’ Share Price Target?

Mazhar Mohammad of chartviewindia.in has recommended this stock.

At the latest low of Rs 3,955, it appears that this counter has retraced about 62% of the last leg of the rise from the low of Rs 3,141 to Rs 5,122, before restarting its uptrend on its channel. I’ve had some help around the lines. Since then, it has appeared to be on a steady upswing, which has accelerated in the previous session, with massive gains in the double digits.

As a result, it should initially rise to test its living level of Rs 5,198, with a target of Rs 5,700 not being ruled out.

Position traders who already possess this counter should book profits around the Rs 5,150 – 5,200 level zone in today’s (Tuesday) session if it rallies without any reversal.

A decrease between Rs 5,000 and Rs 4,900, depending on the close, might be a chance to construct new longs with stops below Rs 4,800 if there is profit-booking in the early hours of the trading session without any price gain.

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Share Price Target for Apollo Hospitals | Multi-bagger returns so far in 2021. Apollo Hospitals, on the other hand, is not in the mood to unwind.

So far in calendar year 2021, shares of Apollo Hospitals Enterprise, a multispecialty healthcare company, have achieved multibagger gains, surpassing both the benchmark index and the broader markets.

In comparison to the BSE Sensex and Midcap indexes, the stock increased 107 percent in 2021, with gains of 22% and 36%, respectively.

Furthermore, the rally from the March lows was unparalleled, with the stock rallying 376 percent from the March 2020 lows. During the same time span, the BSE Sensex increased by 127% and the BSE Midcap increased by 156%.

The company’s solid operating performance in recent quarters, as well as the government’s emphasis on health infrastructure, enhanced investor confidence.

“In calendar year 2021, Apollo Hospitals Enterprise has attained over 100% of its market value on the NSE, considerably ahead of the hospital business’s sequential growth and growth in Average Revenue Per Operating Bed” (ARPOB). Numbers and projections for the June quarter Investor confidence was further supported by strong expansion in the hospital industry in FY12 “Capitalvia Global Research pharma analyst Akhilesh Jat remarked.

Santosh Meena, Head of Research at Swastika Investmart, said that Apollo Hospitals has increased by more than 100% this year, owing to better-than-expected performance in the previous two quarters, as well as the government’s attempts to boost the health infrastructure. Optimism has also been bolstered. This is the stock.

“Margin pressure was there in the previous quarter, but it is expected to improve going forward.” The general prognosis remains positive. It can continue to do business at premium values because of its strong brand identity and pan-India footprint.”


With over 70 hospitals and 4,100 drugstore stores, Apollo Hospitals runs India’s largest healthcare ecosystem. In the recent year, the firm has generated solid operating results across all segments.

For the quarter ending June 2021, Apollo Hospitals recorded a good consolidated profit of Rs 500.68 crore, compared to a profit of Rs 169.89 crore in March 2021 and a loss of Rs 226.24 crore in June 2020. During the same time, revenue grew from Rs 2,867.95 crore to Rs 3,760.21 crore and from Rs 2,171.50 crore to Rs 3,760.21 crore.

EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortisation) climbed to Rs 519.87 crore in the June 2021 quarter from Rs 411.83 crore in the March 2021 quarter and Rs 35.48 crore in the June 2020 quarter on an operating basis. In Q4FY21, the EBITDA margin fell to 13.82 percent from 14.35 percent in Q1FY22, although it increased substantially from 1.63 percent in Q1FY21 on a lower basis.

Fortis Healthcare and Max Healthcare both had strong quarterly results and are currently trading around all-time highs.

“Apollo Hospitals Enterprises recorded a significant quarter-on-quarter (QoQ) growth of 31% in consolidated revenue of Rs 3,760 crore in the first quarter of FY12.” Max Healthcare achieved the highest in-network operational EBITDA of 360 crores in the first quarter of fiscal 2012. “Fortis Healthcare earned Rs 430.6 crore in profit after tax (PAT) in the first quarter of FY 2012, compared to a loss of Rs 187.9 crore in the first quarter of FY 2011,” Akhilesh Jat stated.

Experts believe the stock is technically pricey at current levels, but based on momentum, it might increase as much as 10% in the near term before a pullback and consolidation.

“It’s in an ascending channel formation, with the top trendline around the 5,200-5,300 level. So there’s still some room before it’s rectified. The Rs 4,800-4,700 zone is an instant demand zone on the downside. It may move around Rs 4,200 below this, which would be a nice entry level.”

The stock is continuing its ascent, according to Akhilesh Jat, Pharma Analyst at Capital Via Global Research, and is trading in a rising channel on the larger chart.

“Technically, we may predict a target price of Rs 5,350-5,460, which is the ascending channel’s upper resistance zone.” Additionally, on the daily chart, the stock has created a pole and flag pattern with a breakout above it, with somewhat greater volumes, implying a higher increase in prices,” he noted.

However, Sandeep Matta, Founder of Tradeit Investment Advisor, says that the stock is now trading at a PE of 122 and appears to be overvalued. “We expect the counter to increase to Rs 4,200 in the next 2-3 months, with continued momentum in the vaccination push, considerable reduction in COVID cases, and high health awareness, and hence, book profits and new admissions are now Recommend to avoid.” Evaluation.”

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28 JUNE 2021

ICICI Direct has a target price for Apollo Hospitals’ stock of Rs 3870.

In a research report dated June 25, 2021, ICICI Direct Apollo Hospitals advised a BUY rating on the stock with a target price of Rs 3870.

The revenue of Apollo Hospitals in the fourth quarter of FY21 was Rs 2868 crore (I-direct estimate: Rs 2857.7 crore). Due to the reorganisation of the pharmacy distribution (post-demerger) retail pharmacy business, they are unable to compare year-over-year results. The Hospitals category, on the other hand, increased by 10.1 percent YoY to Rs 1443 crore, compared to an I-direct projection of Rs 1490 crore. The drug distribution segment brought in Rs 1118.7 crore in revenue.

EBITDA margin increased 135 basis points to 14.4% year over year, owing mostly to decreased personnel expenses, owing to the reorganisation of retail pharmacy to pharmacy distribution. Following that, EBITDA climbed by 8.4% year on year to Rs 411.8 crore). The adjusted profit after tax for the period increased by 106.3 percent year on year to Rs 167.9 crore, up 15.3 percent quarter on quarter. Delta was mostly due to decreased depreciation, interest costs, and greater other income when compared to EBITDA.


By valuing Healthcare Business (Existing Hospitals & JV) BUY on SOTP basis with Revised TP of Rs.3870 (earlier Rs.3170) maintain. EV/sales, respectively. We value 20x FY23E EV/EBITDA, Healthcare (New Hospitals), Pharmacy both 3x, AHLL 5x FY23E by valuing Healthcare Business (Existing Hospitals & JV) BUY on SOTP basis with Revised

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