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How To Become Angel One Digital Referral Associate By Angel Broking? – DRA | Remisier Registration

Angel One By Angel Broking Ltd. is one of the leading stock broking houses in India, with a focus on retail business. We are a technology-led investment powerhouse, providing a wide range of personalized wealth-management and investment services. We help our associates to take a step closer to their dreams.

How To Become Angel One By Angel Broking Digital Referral Associate ? - DRA | Remisier

About Angel One By Angel One Digital Referral Program (Affiliate Program)

Full Form Of Angel One DRA Is Digital Referral Program – Angel One By Angel  Broking is delighted to offer you business opportunity as Digital Referral Associate (DRA/Remisier) / Affiliate Program where Angel One Is offering upto 500 Rs Per Account Opening Incentive and 50% of the brokerage sharing by marketing Angel One equity product line.

Here’s a great opportunity to earn money time and again for a one time job. All you need to do is connect us to your clients once and And Angel One take it from there. More clients you introduce… More money you make!

Angel Broking Digital Referral Program 

Who Can Join Angel One By Angel Broking DRA?

  • Finance Whiz: An expert in the stock market. Giving financial & investment guidance to your Clients. You Can Also Offer Them Free Angel One Demat Account.
  • Social Blockbuster/Social Magnet: You thrive on social media. Like YouTube, Facebook, e.tc. Your content is readily consumed by your large number of followers. Here You Can Influence Your Audience For Angel One Demat Account And You Can Drive Them Through Link. Special Plans For Influncers
  • People’s Favourite: A total people’s person. Selling is your thing naturally & you excel at it. You Can Share Your Link Here By Whatsapp & Other Social Media. A Affliate Link Is Your Need.
  • Go-Getter:  A complete self-starter who is always self motivated. You aim for the sky & want to reach great heights. Your determination is your secret to success. If You’re Doing MLM Or Network Marketing. And Not Got Any Success Yet. Than Now It’s To Work In Stock Broking Field. It Will Help You Earn More Money & Reputation.

How Much Money Angel Broking DRA Referral Commission ?

  • Lifelong Earning : Avail unlimited lifetime earnings with Angel Multiply.
  • Earning options : Fixed Plan – Earn fixed revenue per client OR Brokerage sharing – Earn a certain percentage from referral brokerage.

Note : If Any Partner Is Opening 20 Accounts Every Month . He Will Get Easily 50k+ Per Month After The Year Client Base.

Angel Broking DRA Dashboard Earning Proof

Eligibility For Angel One (Refer & Earn): 

You must have Angel One By Angel Broking demat/trading account with us.

Registration Of Angel One By Angel Broking DRA/Remisier:

You get registered as Referral Associate by providing your basic details On This Link Followed By OTP Verification.

  1. First Click On This Link To Register Yourself With Angel One By Angel Broking DRA Program.
  2. After Successful Registration, Request CallBack By Dropping Your Name, Number, City, And Social Media Profile Link On Whatsapp Number (+91) – 7723828715 


Role and Responsibilities Of Angel One DRA Partner:

You will be provided with your personalized Demat & Trading account opening link after the registraion.You just have to forward the link to your clients, friends,relatives etc. who are willing to open an account with us.They initiate the account opening process by filling their basic details .

Angel One will take it from here from there account opening to servicing the client.

You can track your lead status ,earning ,payout through the Dashboard provided to you by Angel Broking Ltd.

Angel Broking Dra Dashboard (1)

This Is A Screenshot Of Angel One Digital Referral Associate (DRA) Program Dashboard.

Angel One Digital Referral Associate Program Pay-out Structure

The Angel One DRA pay-out policy is made with a view to ensure sustainable growth for both the business & DRA over long term.

Angel One Dra Pay-out Structure – Oct’2021
Subscription Base Flat Income
per KYC in Rs
Brokerage Sharing Monthly Client
Activation %
Up to 25K 200 20% 40%
25K+ to 50K 300 30% 40%
50K+ to 100K 400 40% 40%
Above 100K 500 50% 40%
  • Pay-out on all KYC will be applicable as per the slab on achievement of 40% activation
  • In case of activation below 40% pay-out will be applicable only on active KYC

Angel One Digital Referral Associate Program Pay-out Policy

  1. Fixed income slab is applicable in a calendar month only. For Example – If a Digital Referral Associate (DRA) introduces minimum 10 active (traded) accounts successfully in the month of July, the fixed pay-out would be 200*10 = 2,000/ + 20% brokerage will be shared. If DRA opens 7 accounts in the month of August so the payout would be given as follows. 200*7 =1,400/+ 20% of brokerage sharing. We consider all the accounts opened since registration for brokerage sharing. Like in this example total 17(10 in July & 7 in august) accounts are being considered for brokerage calculation.
  2. DRA has to agree on the plan at the time of registration basis his commitment on monthly active KYC. In case the DRA is performing better over a period of time we will consider parameters like number of KYC, % activation, revenue generated by traded clients, increase in subscriber base and consistency of content release by DRA. In such cases we will look at revising your slab.
  3. All DRA registering with us should have Angel One Demat account and should be existing Client.
  4. This offer is not applicable for any Angel One Refer & Earn program
  5. If any client so referred already exists in the records of Angel Broking, as an existing client or a potential client, then such client’s referral shall not be considered as eligible referral and consequently no fees shall be shared.
  6. All the account opening formalities and verification will be carried out by Angel One through its digital platforms and it reserves the right to reject opening of any account, if the same has been observed to be in contravention of any Regulatory requirements or not in accordance with the Internal code of Conduct.
  7. Angel One reserves the right to terminate this arrangement or withhold payment of any referral fees if the DRA is found to be engaged into any fraudulent or manipulative activity or is involved in miss-use of the Company’s proprietary and/or intellectual rights including brand name etc.
  8. This proposal is NOT applicable to Family members of/and existing employees of Angel One.
  9. Angel One reserves the rights to withdraw this offer any time before the validity period mentioned without any prior notice.
  10. Angel One reserves the right to carry out checks & controls as it deems fit and proper, before disbursal of the amount.
  11. Angel One reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to change, alter or discontinue the offer and alter the terms and conditions from time to time.
  12. Any grievances related to above scheme/offer/campaign would not be entertained on Exchange Platform.
  13. If any referred client is already existed with Angel broking database as existing client or potential client, then it will not be considered as referral.
  14. If the details provided for referrals are incomplete/ incorrect/ invalid, the DRA who has provided the reference shall not be entitled to any
    pay-out under the DRA Program.
  15. The DRA confirms of having obtained the consent of the person referred for providing his/her details.
  16. DRA should not induce the client for trading and generating brokerage.
  17. No advice should be given by the referral to the clients introduced.
  18. DRA will not have access to trading terminal to put the trades on behalf of the client.
  19. Referral will not access to the data of the trading activity of the clients introduced by them.
  20. The dashboard of the referral will not show client wise brokerage earned and the share of the referral client wise. We can show the referral total brokerage across all the clients and their share out of the same.
  21. Investment in securities market is subject to market risk, read all the related documents carefully before investing

Here’s why you should partner with India’s no.1 Stock Broker, Angel One By Angel Broking:

  • Highest number of registered Authorized Partners as on June’20
  • 2 million+ Retail Clientele Network
  • Strong brand presence
  • Organic methods grow follower base
  • Innovative trading methods
  • ZERO paperwork and ZERO A/C opening charges
  • Every 1 in 7 people owns Angel Demat A/c
  • Over 2 lakh Demat Accounts opened in a month
  • Hassle-free digital journey

What is Angel Multiply – Digital Referral Associate Program?

Angel Multiply Program is an unparalleled opportunity to leverage your expertise and let your networking make for a secondary source of income. Our qualified services include brokerage sharing for a lifetime, pay-outs, Relationship Managers and a personal digital specialist at assistance, qualified to drive you throughout the journey.

  • No setup cost
  • Earn with ZERO investment
  • No pre-assigned targets
  • Lifelong revenue earning options
  • Innovative methods lead to dynamic growth
  • Track leads and pay-outs at ease
  • User-friendly dashboard

Note: We do not charge any deposit fee or registration fee for enrolling in our Angel Multiply Program.

How has the Angel Digital Referral journey been so far?

We started the Angel Multiply program over a year ago. The Digital Referral Associate (DRA) journey has led us to the below achievements in such a short span of time:

  • Over 12,000 influencers are associated with Angel Broking through various platforms
  • Over 10,000 influencers are associated with Digital Referral Associate Program
  • Over 2000 digital influencers are associated through various platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Telegram

What are the advantages of associating with the Angel Multiply program?

At Angel, we ensure the personal growth of the DRAs and have a sustainable relationship.

We have a Digital Specialist that acts as a bridge between the two of us, offers the following:

  • Strategizing & implementing growth techniques for YouTube, Instagram & other social media platform DRAs.
  • Performing daily content-related activities like sharing daily viral topics, along with tags, links and search volume.
  • Sharing video ready customized viral scripts daily in Hindi and English, on-demand in Marathi and Telegu.
  • Planning and distribution of graphic posts for Social Media platforms.
  • Creating customized videos on-demand both for the team and the DRA; with customized voice-over and graphics.
  • Handling training requirements & providing monthly 4 to 5 training sessions to RMs, YouTube & Instagram DRAs.
  • Driving the Youtube transition and training programs to B2B and B2C DRAs.

What sets the Angel Multiply program apart?

DRA Digital Integration:

We are a digital-driven organization focusing on proving optimal user experience.

We have initiated the process to offer digitization to cater to the diverse segment of our clientele. Here’s how:


Smart API is a great opportunity to convert your regular platform to an investment and trading platform. It enables the smooth functioning of trading activities by your clients without any additional cost.

SMART API Features:

  • No Brokerage license required
  • No hidden charges
  • All under one roof
  1. Angel Order bot

Angel Order bot enables your clientele to directly place their order through our telegram channel.

With a single click, you can share DIY links, share recommendations at ease, and download the click-data report.

Angel Order Bot Features:

  • Time-saving
  • Quick execution
  • Easy to share recommendation
  • ZERO error probability
  1. ARQ Prime – AI-based premium advisory:

A rule-based strategic tool which acts as a personal finance advisor and provides customized investment options, with a focus on maximizing the returns.

ARQ Prime Features:

  • Algorithm-based recommendations
  • Automated portfolio management
  • Powerful insights
  • Outperformed stock recommendations
  1. Trade Buddy :

Trade Buddy is our in-house learning resource. It is a part of our Angel Broking Mobile Application (ABMA), which acts as an open forum for DRA influencers, by providing an opportunity to share their trading knowledge and gain viewership.

Angel Trade Buddy Features:

  • Social gratification
  • Access open to all
  • Knowledge gateway
  • Influencer incentive plan in process*

Start The Journey Of Angel DRA

Once we are Business partners, our journey begins:

  1. Go to your Dashboard (You Will Receive User ID & Password On Your Registered Mail). Access your unique referral link
  2. Share the link on your Videos, Posts, Bio, Friends, and other social media handles.
  3. Using your unique referral link, your viewers, followers, and friends shall complete the account opening journey.
  4. On successful account opening and trading, you will get benefits as per the agreed earning option.
  5. Log in to your dashboard to track the status of your leads, earnings, pay-outs, and other support services.

Looking for more Details ?
To partner with Angel Digital Referral program connect at


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