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15 January 2022

AMC Stock Price Target Forecast 2022

AMC’s Entertainment revenue is predicted to expand at a pace of 220 percent each year in the future, more than double the US market average, with an average revenue of $4.60 billion. Despite this, financial analysts are recommending that investors sell the company’s shares, which has remained stable since November of last year. Analysts predict a median price goal of $6 for the firm over the next 12 months, with a high estimate of $35 and a low estimate as low as $1. The median estimate reflects a 70% reduction in price from the current price range of roughly $20.


After the second wave of corona passed and the theatres opened, AMC’s stock reached an all-time high of $72.62 in May-June 2021, fueled primarily by retail investors, but since then, the company’s share price has been steadily declining. The company’s stock is presently selling at $20, a 70 percent decrease from its year-high. Those who bought at the start of 2021 are still getting a 1000 percent return on their investment.

There are major elements that might drive the company’s price to the level it was in December 2020 in the coming year. Analysts agree that the company’s equities are still excessively costly, and that the decline is likely to continue. The fact that top executives, including the CEO, sell their stock in bulk indicates that the stock is overpriced. The corporation is unlikely to achieve positive results after losing more than $1 billion in the first three quarters of the current fiscal year. Furthermore, the corporation has $5.4 billion in debt, with interest payments eroding the profit margin.


The company’s lone bright spot is that it is looking into the possibilities of joining the cryptocurrency market, as it is in negotiations with movie studios about the possibility of commemorating non-fungible tokens. AMC has already begun taking Bitcoin, Ether, and other crypto currency for payments and transactions in September.

Aside from that, the corporation has little optimism, as the theatrical sector has been shrinking and losing attractiveness as a result of the disruption brought by internet streaming services. The latest Marvel film, which was released in theatres in December, gave some comfort to AMC, but rising movie ticket costs are also a source of concern and a big issue influencing the firm negatively. is the source of this information.

11 January 2021

AMC Entertainment Holdings Stock Price and Forecast: AMC likely to suffer more losses

AMC posted a little loss on Monday, finishing at $22.78 for a 0.9 percent drop, but traders and investors are concerned about the stock’s continued decline. Because of the low interest in this one, social media jumped on board with the short squeeze notion as 2022 got underway, but there was no power or momentum this time – a case of all talk but no action. This isn’t encouraging news for meme stocks. AMC is down roughly 40% in the last three months and is down 16 percent for 2022. Despite record box office receipts for the new Spider-Man film, the stock is still on the decline.

Stock outlook for AMC

The main issue was the $34.60 break in December, which signalled a slowing pace. As we’ve previously stated, meme stocks are all about momentum. We know it’s not a value trade, and the fundamentals don’t stack up, but for short-term trading, that doesn’t matter. Knowing when to leap in and, more crucially, when to jump out is key to the game.

Short-term traders will face substantially harsher conditions in 2022, thus shot selection is crucial. At $21, there’s still a chance for a possible double bottom. Double bottoms are strong reversal indications, so keep an eye on that level. As AMC trades below the 9 and 21-day moving averages, and the Relative Strength Index (RSI) and Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) are both negative, the trend is signalling that it may break. Monday’s intraday reversal, on the other hand, may provide some momentum in the tech sector, which might then spill over into certain meme names. The short-term pivot is $21, and a break will certainly send AMC to $14 or below. The upside objective is $30 if the stock is held. is the source for this information.


30 December, 2021

Why was AMC up on Thursday? AMC Entertainment Holdings (AMC) Stock Price and Forecast:

On Thursday, AMC jumped a little, outpacing the broader market. While most equities would be thrilled with a rise of over 3%, it’s nothing for a stock with a funny moniker like AMC. In a market where volatility and volumes have been slowly falling this week, it is nevertheless not to be scoffed at.

News about the AMC stock

The stock looks to have jumped as a result of renewed speculation of a short squeeze. Various screenshots were posted on Twitter, indicating that short interest was at 40%, and meme traders attempted to rally the troops for another squeeze effort. On Twitter, the hashtag #AMCSI40 began to trend, with the hashtag AMCShortInterest 40 percent. We couldn’t uncover any evidence that short interest is this high, with other sources indicating it to be approximately 18%.

Stock outlook for AMC

Despite Thursday’s rally, the stock remains negative over the long and medium term perspectives. In the short term, we have a bottom in place dating back to December 14, which has been confirmed so far by the rising RSI. The RSI, on the other hand, is feeble and below 50. The MACD indicator has also become positive. AMC has failed to get traction above $30 in the past, and this trend continues. While we have reached a bottom, we have also seen a succession of lower highs since November, indicating that the trend remains weak. The previous week’s high was $32.23. To confirm a short-term bottom and an uptrend, this would need to be broken. Following that, $34.60 is a significant threshold. For the time being, support around $26.92 is holding, but a break will result in a retest of the Dec 14 low of $20.80. is the source of this information.

December 21, 2021

News and forecast for AMC Entertainment Holdings (AMC): Why will AMC break $30?

Yesterday, we had a call: “After such a powerful 19 percent up run, a retreat is anticipated, but if $26 is held, the short-term bottom appears to be in place. The apparent aim is $30, and opposition is expected… We believe AMC and the markets will fall on Monday.”

We got the markets to move negative just in time, with the S&P losing nearly 1%, but AMC defied the odds and ended the session 2 percent ahead. Retail traders have returned to this stock, and it has been the #1 pick on WallStreetBets thus far this week. The rise in AMC on Friday was enough to pique the curiosity of FOMO traders, who returned to the market. FOMO is simply another term for momentum, which has always been a characteristic of trading.

While it may be offensive to some, it is entirely descriptive. There’s nothing wrong with momentum trading if you control your risk and understand your boundaries. Get out as soon as possible before the tide shifts. This sort of trading is exemplified by AMC and GME, and when done correctly, it can be quite successful. However, because it is a higher-risk technique, risk management is essential.

News about the AMC stock

AMC stock soared on Friday when the studio announced that Spider-Man: No Way Home had the biggest opening night ever for a December film and the second highest opening night of all time. During an interview with CNBC, AMC CEO Adam Aron also stated that the company has to evolve. According to Aron, the business is experimenting with NFTs, cryptocurrency, and home popcorn. He also stated that he still owns over 2 million shares of AMC and that he was hopeful about the movie slate for 2022 in the interview.

“We fill our theatres when Hollywood gives us good movies,” Aron added.

The latest Spider-Man movie’s record-breaking box office demonstrates a larger issue of repressed demand at work, and it gives us confidence in our S&P 500 annual projection for 2022. Winter 2021/22 will most likely be the last covid winter, and Omicron will most likely be the last significant covid crisis. The Spanish Flu, the most recent worldwide respiratory pandemic, spanned three winters. A set of vaccinations and antiviral medicines is now on its way. This is the third winter in a row that has been particularly cold. As indicated by this movie attendance record, pent-up demand has a long way to go. Stocks do not decrease in periods of economic expansion, and pent-up demand should keep the US economy robust through 2022.

Stock outlook for AMC

In the immediate run, keeping the price over $26 is crucial. The next resistance is $32.35 from the 200-day moving average, followed by $34.60, which highlights the old sequence of lows. This is a significant resistance because it was the spark for the sell-off. is the source of this information.

December 17, 2021

In 2022, should you buy, sell, or hold AMC stock?

In 2021, AMC Entertainment Group (NYSE:AMC) has been one of the most popular stocks. The business sprang to prominence after its role in a massive meme-stock trading spree that began early this year. That’s when a group of traders banded together on social media message boards to encourage one another to acquire and hold AMC stock in order to create a short-squeeze.

AMC’s stock soared by 2,000 percent at one point throughout the year as a result of their enthusiasm. The excitement is waning, and AMC has lost half of its value since then, but the stock is still up over 1,000 percent year to far in 2021. Let’s take a look at AMC’s company as the new year approaches and see if long-term investors should buy, sell, or keep AMC stock in 2022.

AMC is still far from being fully functional.

The impacts of the epidemic are still wreaking havoc on AMC’s operations. To help halt the spread of the virus, the firm had to close all of its theatres for roughly a year, and the impact was disastrous because theatres account for about all of the company’s income. Management deserves credit for raising cash to keep the company afloat when revenue was dangerously close to zero.

AMC’s revenue fell by 77 percent year over year in 2020, resulting in a $1.5 billion loss on the operating income line. The company’s most recent quarter ended Sept. 30 with revenue of $763 million, up from $120 million at the same time last year. Even so, this is much below the quarterly rate required to return to pre-outbreak levels in 2019.

However, the pandemic was only the beginning of the company’s problems. In four of the nine years prior to the health crisis, AMC lost money on the bottom line. AMC’s consumer value proposition has backfired. Over time, less and fewer individuals were prepared to pay the minimum of $10 per movie ticket, with some locations charging considerably more. As a result, the North American movie theatre sector has been progressively shrinking.

To make matters worse, AMC has hefty expenses: in the third quarter, rent and interest payments alone reached $304 million. Regardless of AMC’s revenue, these fixed expenditures must be met. AMC has lost money on the bottom line for numerous years, in addition to dwindling attendance. This structure of fixed expenses is the other cause.

Insiders at AMC are selling, and you should too.

While AMC’s stock will certainly recover in the short term as the globe recovers from the epidemic, the company’s long-term prospects remain bleak. The emergence of streaming services is expected to put movie theatre attendance on the slide indefinitely, and AMC’s large fixed expenses may cause losses to accumulate on the bottom line for several quarters to years.

That might be one of the reasons AMC officials like CFO Sean Goodman and CEO Adam Aron are selling their stock as quickly as they can. Investors would be wise to follow the insiders’ lead and sell any AMC stock they possess in 2022.

This post is the author’s own view, which may differ from a Motley Fool premium advice service’s “official” recommendation stance. We’re a mishmash! Questioning an investment theory, even our own, encourages us to think critically about investing and make decisions that will make us wiser, happier, and wealthier. is the source of this information.

30 December, 2021

Stock price and forecast for AMC Entertainment Holdings (AMC): Dead cat bounce or further slides ahead?

On Tuesday, AMC stock regained part of Monday’s 15 percent drop. The movie theatre business dropped dramatically on Monday as the global stock market lost steam. As the year draws to a close, risk aversion tends to harm high beta stocks. As final results are decided, traders, investors, and fund managers are more cautious. Retail investor involvement has increased dramatically since 2021, therefore it’s uncertain how this group will respond throughout the Christmas season. Early warning indications are typical of human nature.

As distractions multiply, risk aversion appears to be increasing. For the previous week, both AMC and GME have been slowly declining, with minimal participation in Friday’s rise. Last Friday, GameStop achieved a meagre 2% increase, while AMC was actually down. The S&P 500 reached new all-time highs on this day, indicating that global stock markets are on the mend.

For Tuesday, at least, there was some improvement in meme names, with AMC and GME both rising on the day. Given that the major indexes ended the day in the red, this was even more amazing. Until Wednesday, when the Fed meets, there will be further risk aversion. In premarket and early trade, expect meme stocks to decline.

News about the AMC stock

AMC’s main concern is the ongoing ambiguity surrounding the Omicron version. While the instances may be minor, the newest data from South Africa suggests that, after an initial lag, hospitalisation rates have begun to climb dramatically. AMC would be disproportionately affected by any lockout compared to GME. The economy of AMC must stay open. In the United Kingdom and other areas of Europe, limitations have already been tightened. The sale of AMC insiders last week, which was widely known, added to the bad feeling. Last week, both the CEO and CFO sold AMC stock.

Stock outlook for AMC

For AMC, breaking $30 was a significant level. This led in a six-month low and the 200-day moving average being broken. Between $30 and $20, there is a volume disparity. In the meanwhile, we don’t see any significant support, and the general picture remains negative. The RSI and MACD are decreasing, and the stock is trading below all significant moving averages, as well as the annual VWAP. The primary barrier is between $30 and $32. Unfortunately, we realise that the majority of our readers are positive, but we believe that below $30, additional losses are inevitable. There is a volume gap till below $20. is the source of this information.

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