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Algo Bulls – Algorithmic Trading Platform For Everyone

Algo Bulls Is Established in 2019, and India’s one of the premier algorithmic trading platform. Designed to empower traders and brokers across the world with access to highly sophisticated AI-powered algorithms, With Algo Bulls, you can empower your trades to hit the winning trades.

This Platform Is For Every Kind Of Stock Market Participants, Like Traders, Brokers, Fund Managers, NISM Advisory. We Will Talk In Details About How Each Kind Of Participants Can Benefit From The Platform. So Recommend You To Read Full Article, Or You Can Jump Through Menu Above.

Algorithimic trading once available to only the wealthiest investors, AlgoBulls has democratized algorithmic trading for every investor, irrespective of their available capitals and risk appetite. Designed from the ground up to automate your trading journey, with AlgoBulls, you have the power to enable your trades to experience the trading of tomorrow at the click of a button. As Per Algo Bulls, It is redefining your trading experience to attract new traders onto your platform.

Novel Algorithm Trading (B2C)_In (1)

Problems Traders Face During Trading

Every day traders need to overcome multiple challenges to derive a profitable trade, and some of the most significant of these challenges include.

Constant Monitoring

It is humanly impossible to constantly monitor the stock markets 24X7 and the thousands of financial vehicles listed on them.

Fear of Loss

The steep learning curve of the stock market often deters people from starting their journey in the capital markets.

Lack of Knowledge

A lack of proper knowledge and conflicting information from unreliable sources often forces traders to invest on whims rather than logic.

Lack of Automation

It becomes tiring to perform redundant tasks to derive a profitable trade regularly.

Scarce Analytics

Lack of in-depth analytics and research often forces traders to rely on their emotions and gut feelings rather than market study and research.

How To Solve Trading Issues?

While these challenges might appear impossible at first glance, in reality, they can be efficiently addressed using the right tools and techniques.

Ready to Use Algorithms

Get access to 300+ AI-powered algorithmic trading strategies designed to help your traders generate consistent profits at every trade.

End to End Automation

Experience the power of end-to-end automation as you focus your efforts on the more pressing matters at hand.

Effortless Trading

With zero manual intervention and 100% automation, experience the prowess of highly intelligent trading algorithms.

AlgoBulls Trading Benefits For Traders

With AlgoBulls as your algorithmic trading partner, you traders get access to a lot of advantages. However, that is not at all. As a broking house, you also get access to a world of benefits such as:

Exchange Supported

Whatever might be the market of your choice, NASDAQ or NSE, a strategic partnership with AlgoBulls algorithmic trading platform allows traders a holistic experience of seamless multi-exchange trading under one roof.

Effortless Backtesting

Empower traders to effortlessly backtest their every strategy for accuracy and efficiency with custom-designed backtesting servers featuring historical data going back ten years of the capital market. Gain traders’ trust without the risk of booking a loss via our scalable backtesting servers.

End to End Customizations

With 25 pre-built parameters to choose from and endless combinations of trading indicators, your traders can seamlessly make every strategy their own with effortless end-to-end customizations.

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How To Choose Startegy In Algo Bulls Trading

Choose from a catalog of 300+ highly sophisticated AI-powered algorithmic trading strategies.

Click On The Algo Bulls Register Link For Traders.

It is only natural for traders to look up to you and expect a hassle trading experience as a broker. However, only designing a sophisticated platform is often not enough, as traders will still lack access to the tools which will help them consistently generate profitable trades. In instances such as these, where you want to empower your cohort of traders with access to the tools and technology to consistently generate high-profit transactions, a strategic partnership with AlgoBulls will prove to be life-changing.

With more than 300+ algorithmic trading strategies to choose from, you can truly spoil with choices.

One place B2C FB Insta 1 Stock Market Updates

Retail Strategies

Designed for the individual trader wanting to make it big in the capital markets, retail strategies are the perfect choice for those who want to get a taste of algorithmic trading before completely dipping their toes in international capital markets.

Premium Strategies

Designed for the adventurous at heart, our suite of premium strategies empowers you to trade every financial instrument listed in the capital market, right from currency and derivatives to equities and debt.

HNI Strategies

A robust AI-driven trading engine, our HNI Strategies are designed for those wanting to truly experience the thrill of the capital markets. Aimed at those who believe in limitless experiences and share a high-risk appetite, our HNI strategies are designed to further empower your top 1% clientele.

Algo Bulls Strategies Pricing

Choose product Retail Premium
High Net Worth Individual
Pricing ₹1000Onwards / Month ₹4500Onwards / Month
₹8500Onwards / Month
ROI Calculator
Yes Yes Yes
Free Backtesting Report
Yes Yes Yes
Strategy Parameters
Yes X Yes
Yes X Yes
Free Live Paper Trading
Yes X X

How Algo Bulls Algo Trading Help Traders

Secured for Trading

provide customer with an end-to-end automated solution that comes with accuracy, relies on advanced AI technology, and has risk-management capabilities.

Safety for their Capital

All transactions happen, and all profits are kept in their broking account, ensuring the complete safety of all customers’ transactions and capital in their brokerage account

Simple to Use

The ai-based Algos and ready-to-use strategies make trading simple and easy for your customers. Your customers also get easy on-the-go access to AlgoBulls via our mobile app.

AlgoBulls Trading Benefits For Partners

Stand Apart from Your Competitors with White-Label Solutions

Offer your cohort of traders a superior trading experience with end-to-end white label solutions. Algo Bulls manage everything for you, from a custom subdomain and regular server maintenance to custom strategies and web panels. At the same time, you treat your traders with an experience of the future of trading.

Connect with the Right Target Audience

In an ever-expanding market, it is becoming increasingly important with every passing day to connect with the right target audience. In instances such as these, you can seamlessly leverage Algo Bulls mobile application to communicate with your ideal audience at the click of a button.

Experience the Excitement of Seamless Trading

With AlgoBulls’ AI-powered sophisticated trading algorithms by your side, your traders can seamlessly trade every day and experience limitless excitement at every interaction with the capital markets, and for every profit they book, you enjoy a sweet brokerage on every trade.

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Convert Your Dormant Traders into Paying Customers

A common hassle faced by most broking houses is the fact that they have a lot of dormant traders who rarely engage in trading due to a multitude of challenges. With AlgoBulls by your side, you can effortlessly solve every one of these problems and empower them to make profitable trades, thus ultimately facilitating a smooth increase in profits for your company

Become A Channel Partner With Algo Bulls

Why To Build Strategies On Algo Bulls Trading Platform

With 150= technical indicators to choose from and limitless customization options available at the click of a button, experience the power of building your signature strategies from the ground up.

  • Give life to your excellent and time tested strategies via AI
  • Experience the power of algorithmic trading coupled with market tested intelligence.
  • Seamlessly automate your trading activities and focus on the more pressing matters at hand.
  • Enjoy consistently profitable trades with close to manual intervention.

Build Strategies B2C 1 Stock Market Updates

Pro Build

Made for the thinkers and innovators of the trading world, breathe new life into your profitable strategies by getting them designed via our in-house team of developers and coders.

Python Build

Built for the coder in you, secure your access to our proprietary Python, IDE, code your strategy from the ground up and watch it come alive.

Classic Build

A Simple Drag and drop interface for those of us willing to dive straight into business, our classic builder allows you the oppotunity to design highly sophisticated trading algorithms at a click of a few buttons.

Why to Integrate with AlgoBulls?

With AlgoBulls, you can get 10x more leads and double the conversion rate in comparison to traditional marketing methods.

Opt for White Label

Only experts can list their strategies on AlgoBulls. All you need is to set up your AlgoBulls account and get in touch with us to get your own strategist setup.

Revenue Sharing

Funds from your completed sales will be deposited in your bank account (deducting AlgoBulls fees) every 30 days on every successful purchase of subscription packages from your white-label website.

Design Your Strategy Marketplace

When you list your strategy on AlgoBulls, you can show the returns, risk, details, payout charts, and much more for your strategy. Live trades will be auto-updated daily automatically. You just need to handle the customer’s doubts regarding the returns/risk part and technicals.

Customize Your Subscription Plans

Traders will use the strategies listed in your marketplace. All the execution, data, risk, and order management will be handled by AlgoBulls Ai Engine & Trained RMS teams.

All in One Algo Bulls Dashboard

Get a complete view of your customer’s activities in a single glance.

Keep Track of Your Customers’ Trades

You can track, monitor, and maintain a record for every trade your customers make on AlgoBulls.

Bulk Operations Management

You can manage bulk operations with just a few clicks on a single integrated dashboard that comes with easy navigating options.

Detailed Reporting of Customer Trades

If you want to analyze your customers’ profits and growth margin, you can do so by looking at a detailed reporting of every trade made by your customers.

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Easily Track AlgoBulls Money Usage for All Your Customers

While trading and investing, it is essential to keep track of money usage. Hence, we enable you to track AlgoBull’s money usage for all your customers easily.

Brokers Partnered With Algo Bulls

Brokers Linked With ALgo bulls

Why is AlgoBulls Right For You?

With AlgoBulls, you can dive fearlessly into the world of trading with our end-to-end trading Algos, empowering both amateurs and experts.

  • State-of-the-art predictive algorithmic trading.
  • Accurate & reliable trading solutions.
  • 100% virtual trading environment.
  • Access to capital markets both in Indian & global domains.
  • Seamless integration with multiple OMS.
  • Seamless integration with broking houses.
  • Support for trading across all segments, i.e., cash, community, etc.
  • A fully integrated & comprehensive user panel.
  • Higher-income & better expansion for channel partners.
  • Multi-exchange, multi-broker and multi-country trading modules.
  • Accommodation 150+ technical indicators.
  • Flexible payment modules to choose from.
  • Options that allow tweaking & fine-tuning strategies.

Become an AlgoBulls Channel Partner

Channel Partner (B2B) (1)

AlgoBulls’ partners come in all different motos. Choose a partner style that best describes your requirements.


Earn a referral commission by referring your existing clientele onto the AlgoBulls platform. Get your referral link via a simple registration process.

Channel Partner

Become a channel partner and manage multiple agents and customers from a centralized dashboard while earning regular

Master Channel Partner

Become a master channel partner and enjoy bulk margin on every
billing, as you seamlessly manage your multiple partners and customers from a centralized dashboard.

Who can Partner with AlgoBulls?

SubBrokers & Mutual Fund Distributors

Sub-brokers of any broking house or who are trading members of any stock exchange can partner with AlgoBulls. Mutual Fund investors who assist in buying and selling mutual funds for retail investors can also join the AlgoBulls partner program.

Internet Influencer

With a massive follower-base or a vast niche-specific audience and significant social media presence & reputation, You can partner with AlgoBulls.

People Person

People who are well-known in their area due to occupation, establishment, or other significant accomplishments having a specific influence on society can partner with AlgoBulls.

Professional Trader

If you are a professional trader with self-devised trading strategies backed by experience and knowledge in studying trading patterns and market tendencies, you can be a partner with AlgoBulls.

Become A Partner If You’re One Of The Above

Who can be Strategistʼs with us

Experienced Trader & Market Enthusiast

  • Increase your customer satisfaction by up to 80%.
  • Enjoy consistent growth in your profits.

Professional Fund Manager

  • Ensure your development costs stay within budget
  • Divert your resources to other activities while we take care of the rest

Stock Market Trainer

  • Enhance the experience of your students via free paper trading
  • Introduce your students to the future of algorithmic trading

Are You a Strategist?

Not everyone can make a profitable trade, and thus you need to meet the following criteria to become an AlgoBulls Strategist.

  • Certified research analyst or investment advisor from NISM
  • CMT, CFA, or bearing other equivalent inancial degrees
  • Certified Quant Analyst, Technical Analyst or Chartist from recognized institutions
  • A trader who is extremely popular among fellow traders

Register To Become A Strategist On Algo Bulls


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